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Q: How do planes know where they are going?
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If going to Afghanistan where does us military planes land?

want to know

How high do planes fly at going to Australia?


Do delta planes serve pie?

Delta planes do not serve pie. I know, it is sad! :(

Do all Vietnamese pilots know how to fly planes?

Some know how to fly planes because they are finished training but others have to go to flight school because they are new. Lots of pilots know how fly planes but others will learn how to fly.

Where were the planes going on 9.11?

Their destinations were the West Coast so that the planes had a lot of fuel and the explosions would be bigger when they crashed.

Planes that take off from water are called what?

Sea planes, Flying Boats, Pontoon Planes, PBY's (Don't know what that stands for).

What is the next Disney film going to be?

wreck it ralph and planes

Can you hijack planes on mercainaries 2?

Im going to try it

What are planes that are invisible called?

Stealth-if you mean invisible to radar.I didn't know that planes could be invisible.I've never heard of any invisible planes.

Where were the two planes that get attacked heading before going to crash twin towers?

Both planes were originally destined for Los Angeles.

How many planes can contain one specific line?

An infinite number of planes. Picture a line and now picture planes going in every direction through the line,

Is it easy to shoot down military fighter aircrafts?

No. In reallife no one will say this going to be easy to shoot down military fighter aircrafts. Many people know that military planes flying at high speed are really difficult to shoot down. Planes flying at supersonic speed can really dodge from missiles. Most military planes have a lock on radar system that allows them to know that they are being locked on by a missile but some planes are really difficult to detect on radar because of the stealth.