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Three and sixty-two hundredths.

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Q: How do put 3.620 in words decimal style?
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How do i Reformat acer aspire 3620?

don´t do that, just put in GARBAGE

What is the decimal of 94 percent?

94% 0.940.94Whenever you want to turn a percent into a decimal, you simply put it into a 0.00 style, and you put the tens digit into the second 0 and the ones digit into the third 0. This will get you the decimal version of your percentage. I hope you're in elementary school.

How do you put 51.032 as a decimal in words?

Fifty-one and thirty-two thousandths

How do you put 16 thousnadths in a decimal?

how do you put 16 thousandths in a decimal

How do you put 13 in decimal?

13 in decimal = 13.0

What is the number called when it can't be put into a fraction or decimal?

Any number can be put into decimal form.

How do you put 21.7 as a decimal?

21.7 is already in decimal form

How do you change a decimal in to a fraction?

put decimal over 100

How do you put 3.3 as decimal?

You have already written it in decimal form.

How do find the percent and fraction of a decimal?

to find the percent of a decimal, you would move the decimal over to the right twice and that's the percent. To find the fraction of a decimal, you would remove the decimal, put the number on top of the fration, and you would put, at the bottom, of the decimal as many zeros at the bottom of the fraction and put a 1 in front. for example 22.6. You would take out the decimal. Put 3 zeros at the bottom of the decimal because their are three numbers in 226 and put a 1 in front of the zeros

How do you put this in decimal can you put as19 percent?


What is a sentence using the word decimal?

I need to put the decimal point somewhere!Look at that decimal!

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