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I think they have all the stat sheets and stuff on their computers.

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How is math in sports announcers?

Because you have to know how to add stats and be able to announce them when its time.

What do sports announcers take in college?

Sports announcers usually were sports players in college. Therefore, they could have taken any thing from political science to education.

What do sports announcers do?

screw you over

How do sports use math?

they don't

How come the ROCKIES have the worst announcers in sports?

They are methodical and clinical. They should be there to entertain. I like the Astros and Brewers announcers.

How many famous sports announcers attended Syracuse?

Joe Buck from Fox Sports

How much does a radio announcer earn?

Radio sports announcers earn an average annual salary of $30,236. The average salary for television sports announcers is more than double at $62,992.

Non monotary benefits for sports announcers-vacztion time?

what are the benefits for sports broadcasters

How do sports people use math?

Keeping goals

How do sports radio hosts use math?

dont worry about it

What is Michael Kay the New York Yankees sports announcers salary?


How much do sports announcers make a year?

It depends on who they are announcing for and what sport/ team.

What type of math do you use in a radio sports annoucers job?


Who are the local television announcers for the Indiana Pacers?

Fox sports announcers are: Chris Denari- Play-by-Play and either Quinn Buckner or Clark Kellogg as Color Commentator

What is the relation between math and sports?

You need to put out effort in order to do well in math and in sports. Math is also used in score keeping in sports.

Do you use math while playing sports?

Of coarse when You Play Sports You have To CalCULate Where The Ball Is Going TO Land And Syuff like That

What do sports have to do with math?

It doesn't have to do anything with math.

How much do sports announcers make?

The average salary of a sports announcer is $80,000 per year. This is the highest paying job in radio or television announcing.

Who are the worst announcers in sports?

It depends on a matter of opinion. For example in my view Joe Buck is the worst announcer in sports since he makes everything seem boring.

How is math applied with being a sports agent?

A sports agent applies math when determining how much a sorts player will be paid. A sports agent also applies math to figure out his percentage of payment.

What type of math strategys they use in sport that has to do with math?

alot of sports use geometry and trigonometry such as for soccer, you would want to calculate the optimal force and angle required for a good pass

What is the meaning of the Pin worn by fox sports announcers 2011?

The pin is the icon of The St Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

How do you use math?

You use math in your everyday life! You use math when you are paying for something @ the store. You use math in a classroom and you can use your knowledge of math to share with others younger or older than you. That is how you can use math.

Uses of math in sports?

Even without thinking about it you use math every second of the day. Even in Sports, for example in soccer you have to kick the ball at a certain angle to make the ball go to your team-mate and not the opponents. And you also have to use enough force when kicking the ball for it to reach your team-mate.

How is math used as a sports agent?