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Period = (1) divided by (frequency) = (wavelength) divided by (speed)

Frequency = (1) divided by (period) = (speed) divided by (period)

Speed = (wavelength) times (frequency) = (wavelength) divided by (period)

Wavelength = (speed) divided by (frequency) = (speed) times (period)

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Q: How do the properties of waves affect the speed frequency and period of waves?
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How does changing the frequency affect the wave speed?

The speed of a wave doesn't depend on its frequency.

Formula for frequency of a wave?

frequency = (wave speed)/(wavelength) frequency = 1/(period)

How does period and frequency relate?

Time period = 1 / frequency. Frequency = 1 / time period.

How does increasing the wave speed affect the frequency?

Assuming a constant wavelength, then increasing the wave speed will increase the frequency.

What affect if any does increasing the speed of the plunger have on the frequency of the waves?

Increasing the speed of the plunger will increase the frequency of the waves.

What are 4 properties that all waves have?

Amplitude Wavelength Frequency Speed

What are the properties of a longitudinal and transverse waves?

speed,frequency, wavelength and amplitude

What happens to the period of a wave when the frequency decreases?

The period and frequency of a wave are inversely related, i.e. the period is the time it takes for wave to go through a cycle, and the frequency is the number of cycles in a certain time period. For example, a wave with a period of 0.5 seconds would have a frequency of 2 per second. Since these properties are the inverse of each other, than they will be opposite when changing. If the period decreases (i.e. gets shorter, faster) than the frequency increases. Or vice versa.

Name the four properties of a wave?

amplitude,wave length,frequency,speed

What three properties of a medium affect the speed of a sound?

The three properties of a medium that affect the speed of sound are elasticity, density, and temperature. Answered by: Nur _ _ _ _ _ _ Izyani

Which are the four properties that all waves have?

The main properties of waves are defined below. * Amplitude: the height of the wave, measured in meters. * Wavelength: the distance between adjacent crests, measured in meters. * Period: the time it takes for one complete wave to pass a given point, measured in seconds. * Frequency: the number of complete waves that pass a point in one second, measured in inverse seconds, or Hertz (Hz). * Speed: the horizontal speed of a point on a wave as it propagates, measured in meters / second.

The difference between frequency of a wave and the period of a wave?

Frequency: number of cycles per second. Period: the distance between two crests. The period depends not only on the frequency, but also on the wave's speed.