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Q: How do they use bias to sell their products How would you use skepticism to evaluate the data that these companies use in their advertisements?
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Are cricket players famous because of their play or by the advertisements of products they do?

After achieving fame as a good player, the manufacturing companies offer them to do advertisements for their products.

How do people get money from free apps they made?

They put advertisements in that companies pay them for. These ads are supposed to get some people to buy the companies' products.

Are avertisements boring useless and misleading?

Not all advertisements are boring, useless, or misleading. Some advertisements can be entertaining, informative, and help consumers make informed decisions about products or services. It is important to critically evaluate advertisements and consider the source of the information before forming an opinion.

What do companies that sell alcohol try to do in advertisements for their products how does this contract with the realities of alcohol use?

Sell their product to the public.

What are the relationship between advertising and media?

Advertising is how companies promote their products and services. Without the media, the advertisements would not reach as many people, which would lead to lower sales for the majority of companies.

Why you have to do advertisements?

To inform about products and/or services

The intellectual products of the religious skepticism of the late 1700s included all the following except?

The intellectual products of religious skepticism in the late 1700s included works such as Voltaire's "Candide", David Hume's critiques of religion, and the spread of deism. One aspect that was not a direct product of religious skepticism in the late 1700s was the establishment of strict state religions.

How do you use classified advertisements?

Classified advertisements sell products and services. They are also a way to hire people to work for you.

What companies would be interested in advertising on MySpace and why?

Like myspace backgrounds and more and Advertisements about different commercials and products other than the pop-ups and browser downloads there is absolutely no telling how many website would be interested in advertising their products specially on myspace.

Why are pretty girls used in advertisements?

to attract people into buying their products.

Products in advertisements are something greater and larger in our own lives.?

Metaphores for

Products in advertisements are something greater and larger in your own lives?

metaphors for