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None of these transformations affect the size nor shape of the image.

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Q: How do translations reflections and rotations affect the size and shape of an image?
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What are the properties of reflections and rotations and translations?

the image that is reflected is counterclockwise to the original

What does reversed mean in reflections?

In reflections, "reversed" means that the image appears flipped from left to right compared to the original object. Each point on the object is reflected across the mirror line to create the reversed image.

Can light and sound be relfected or refracted if so what happens to image and sound?

Echoes and reflections.

How do you draw armor with reflections?

By drawing a reversed and distorted image of what is being reflected off of the armor

Is reflections plural plural possessive or singular possessive?

The noun reflections is the plural form of the singular noun reflection.The singular possessive form is reflection's.The plural possessive form is reflections'.Examples:Her reflection's image pleased her very much. (singular)You can't see under the water because of the reflections' brightness. (plural)

Can a reflection image of an angle have a mesure that is different from the measure of the original angle?

No, a figure and its reflection image are congruent. It is like our reflections in a mirror. Hope I answered your question!

What are properties of reflections m?

Reflections in mathematics preserve the size and shape of the object being reflected. They also have the property that the reflected image is the same distance from the line of reflection as the original object. Additionally, reflections can be described by an axis of reflection, which serves as a line that the reflection occurs across.

What are the properties of image formed in a periscope?

The image formed in a periscope is virtual, upright, and laterally inverted. It appears closer and magnified compared to the actual object. The periscope uses multiple reflections to achieve this image formation.

How many reflections are there in a mirror image?

A single mirror will only have one image of whatever it is reflecting. It is possible to see more than one image by having two mirrors reflect each other. Many images will then be visible.

How are a translation and a reflection alike?

translation and reflection are alike in the sense that they are generally both examples of an image being moved or changed, however translation is the movement of an image along a vector while reflections reflects an image over a given axis.

How does file format affect image quality?

By reducing the size if a image

What has the author Selwyn Image written?

Selwyn Image has written: 'Some reflections on the art of Thomas Rowlandson and george orland' 'Art, morals and the war' -- subject(s): World War, 1914-1918, Ethics