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Multiply square yards by 27 to get square feet.

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Q: How do you Convert sq yards to sq feet?
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Related questions

How do you convert length and width in feet into square yards?

Divide length by 3 (convert feet into yards), divide width by 3 (convert feet into yards) and multiply the results. or Multiply length (in feet) by width (in feet) to the area (in sq feet) and divide by 9 (convert sq feet to sq yards).

How much is sq ft in yards?

You can't convert that. You can convert feet to yards, or square feet to square yards.

Convert sq feet into sq yards?

Divide the number of square feet by 9 to get square yards.

How many yards are in 2550 sq ft?

You cannot convert sq ft into yards, you must convert sq ft into sq yards. There are 9 sq feet in 1 sq yard so there are 283.33 sq yards in 2550 sq ft.

Convert sq feet to sq yards?

There are nine square feet in one square yard.

How much is 1000 square feet?

Multiply by (0.3048 x 0.3048) to convert sq feet into sq meters, or Divide by 9 to convert sq feet into sq yards

What is 144 square feet convert to sq yards?

144 square feet = 16 square yards

How many yards are in 1920 sq ft?

Divide by 9 to convert from sq feet to sq yards. Doing the math gives an answer of 213.33 square yards.

Convert 77.33 square yards to square feet?

696 sq. feet.

Convert 7 feet by 20 feet to yards?

7 feet by 20 feet is the same as 2 1/3 yards by 6 2/3 yards. 7 ft x 20 ft = 140 sq ft = 140/9 sq yds = 15.56 sq yards

Convert 716 sq ft to sq yards?

You divide by 9 to make the conversion. This works out to be 79.55 square yards.

Convert square feet of concrete in square yards?

9 sq. ft. in a sq. yd.

What size is 230 square feet?

1. Either you multiply by (0.3048 x 0.3048) to convert sq feet into sq meters or 2. divide by 9 to convert sq feet to sq yards

How do you convert sq feet into sq yards?

9 sq ft = 1 sq yd. Divide the square footage by 9 to find sq yds.

Convert 560 sq ft to sq yards?

560 (sq feet) = 62.2222222 sq yards

How to convert 33.5 square feet to square yards?

You divide by 9, the number of sq ft in a sq yd. In this case the answer will be 3.722 square yards.

How many yards are in 159 sq ft?

It is impossible to convert from square feet to yards. If you are looking for the amount of square yards in 159 square feet, then the answer is 17 and 2/3 square yards.

How many square yards in 376 sq feet?

Divide the sq feet by 9 to get sq yards. The math works out to be 41.78 sq yards.

How do you convert square feet to yard?

You can't convert square feet (a measure of area) into yards (a measure of distance). However, 1 foot = 1/3 yards and 1 sq ft = 1/9 sq yards

How much is 430 square feet in square yards?

430 sq feet = 430/9 sq yards = 47.77... sq yards.

How Many SQ Yards In 840 SQ Feet?

9 SQ feet = 1 SQ yard. 840 SQ feet = 931/3 SQ yards

How many sq feet of 200 sq yards?

1 sq yard = 9 sq feet so 200 sq yards = 9*200 = 1800 sq feet.

How many yards there are in one room 129 sq feet?

129 sq. feet = 14.33 sq. yards

Conversion of feet to square yard?

1 square yard = 9 square feet So to convert sq. yards to sq. feet, multiply by 1/9

How many sq ft is 12 x 12?

12 inches * 12 inches = 1 sq foot 12 feet * 12 feet = 144 sq feet 12 yards * 12 yards = 108 sq feet ::::See edit below 12 miles * 12 miles = 4014489600 sq feet. 12 yards x 12 yards = 36 x 36 = 1296 sq ft.