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you can divide two negative numbers easily!

think,if a bad thing (which represents a negative number) happens to a bad person (which also represents a negative number) is a good thing/positive, which means positive number!

EXAMPLE: -20 divided by -4=40!

(bad thing/negative) divided by (bad person/negative)= good thing/positive

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Q: How do you Divide two negative numbers?
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How do you average two negative numbers?

Same way as for positive numbers: add them together and divide by two.

What happen when you divide negative and positive number?

When you divide or multiply positive and negative numbers, you first do the division or multiplication as normal. The next step is to assess whether or not the answer will be negative or positive. If the two numbers of the question were the same (negative and negative or positive and positive) then the answer will be positive. If the two numbers in the question were different (one negative and one positive) then the answer will be negative. Thus, if you divide a negative number by a positive number, the result will be the same as normal division, but the answer will be negative.

How do you divide a negative number by a positive number?

The same way that you divide two positive numbers. Just remember at the end that the result is negative.

What is -11 x -4?


What happers if you multiply or divide two negative numbers?

When you divide or multiply two negative numbers they cancel each other out and you have a positive answer. We are measuring relationships instead of moving on a number line like addition or subtraction.

Can you divide by negative numbers?

yes, you can.

What is negative 5 divided by 4?


When dividing two negatives does it equal a positive?

Actually it does, whenever you mulitply and divide two negative and two positive numbers they always equal a positive number. When you multiply and divide a negative and positive they always equal a negative number.

Do you divide negative irrational numbers?

You can do, if required.

How do you divide a positive decimal by a negative decimal?

-- Ignore the signs temporarily. -- Divide the numbers. -- The quotient is negative.

How do you divide negative fractions from positive fractions?

You divide the equivalent positive numbers. Then you add a negative sign to the result.

How do you multiply and divide negative numbers?

Two negative numbers divided or multiplied together results in a positive outcome. For example: -8/-2 = 4 and -9*-3 = 27

What is negative times a positive?

When you multiply or divide two numbers . . . -- If they both have the same sign, then the result is positive. -- If their signs are different, then the result is negative.

Why does two negative numbers equal a positive?

They do not always. The sum of two negative numbers is negative.

What type of numbers is the sum of two negative numbers?

They will be negative numbers as for example -5+(-7) = -12

What is the sign of the answer if you mutiply 2 negative numbers and then divide the product by a negative number?

The quotient is negative.

The product of two posotive numbers or two negative numbers is?

The product of two positive numbers or two negative numbers is a positive number.

How do you half minus numbers?

divide by 2, one answer is negative and the other is positive. if your question is "how do you halve negative numbers?"

What is the quotient of positive and negative integers?

The quotient is what you get when you divide two numbers. If both numbers are positive, the quotient will be positive. If both numbers are negative, the quotient will be positive. If one number is positive and one number is negative, their quotient will be negative.

When you multiply or divide two integers how can you determine whether the answere will be a positive or negative?

If the two numbers that are being multiplied or divided have the SAME sign, the answer is positive, if they have DIFFERENT signs, the answer will be negative.

What do you do when two numbers are the median?

You have to add those two numbers then divide them by 2. The reason you divide by 2 is because they're two numbers.

If you divide a negative number by a negative number will you get a positive number?

You will end up with a positive number. With integers, if you multiply or divide an even amount of negative numbers, the answer will be positive and if you multiply or divide an odd amount, the answer will be negative.

How do you divide negative fraction with the same denominator?

Do you mean with a denominator that is also negative? If you do, then it would be just like dividing positive numbers, the answer would be positive. If you divide two numbers and they have different signs, then the answer will be negative. However the task of dividing is the same no matter what the signs are. So... If they are the same sign ---> Positive If they are opposite signs ---> Negative

How do you multiple and divide positive and negative integers?

multiplying and dividing a negative number will "flip" the sign of the other number. So multiplying two negative numbers will produce a positive number. Multiplying one positive and one negative number will produce a negative. And of course two positive numbers yield a positive.

How do you estimate with percents?

divide the two numbers then divide