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divide sixty by 5 then times 2

two fifths of sixty= 24

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Q: How do you FIGURE two fifths of sixty?
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What istwo-fifths of sixty?

Two-fifths of 60 is 24.

What is two-fifths of sixty?


Three fifths of a hundred?

Three fifths of a hundred is sixty.

What is thirty two seventy fifths plus thirty two fiftieths?

Sixty-seven and eight fifteenths

What is five fifths of sixty?


What is three fifths of sixty five?


Order from least to greatest five eighths sixty two hundredths three fifths seven tenths?


What is four fifths of sixty?


What is two fifths plus two fifths plus two fifths?

six fifths

What is two fifths of sixty?

To solve 2/5 of 60 divide the denominator by 60 and times that answer by the numerator. The answer is 24! =D

Is two fifths less than greater than or equal to two and two fifths?

two fifths is equal to two fifths

What fraction of one pound is sixty pence?

three fifths

How many tenths in three and three fifths?

Sixty six.

What is five minus two and three fifths?

Two and two fifths. Five minus two and three fifths = two and two fifths

What is sixty two plus sixty two?

62+62=124. That is the answer to sixty two plus sixty two...

What is a 3 dimensional figure with 6 faces that are rectangle?

fifty six two hundred sixty

What is bigger two sevenths or two fifths?

two fifths.

How many two fifths are in two?

there is five-fifths in one. ten-fifths in two, so there are five two-fifths in two.

15.062 in word?

fifteen and sixty-two thousandths

What is two times two fifths?

Four fifths.

What is sixty-three ninety-fifths as a decimal?

63/95 = 0.6632 (approx)

What number is three fifths of sixty five?

39 is 3/5 of 65.

What number is larger two fifths or two ninths?

two fifths

How do you write one thousand two hundred and sixty-four in figure?

You would write it as 1264 or 1,264

Whath is the bigger fraction four fifths or two fifths?

four fifths