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(3+2) (4+48)

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Q: How do you Factor 12m squared plus 48m plus 96?
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What is the base length of a parallelogram with an area of 48mยฒ and height of 12m?

Area = Base*Height So 48 = Base*12 That is, Base = 48/12 = 4 m

What conversion factor would you use to convert 48m to centimeters?

1 metre is 100 cm

How do you find the area of a rectangle in square meters?

length x width Example: A rectangle has a length of 24m and a width of 48m. What is its area? l x w= 24m(length) x 48m(width/breadth) = 1152m2 (meters squared)

How many feet and inches is in 48m?

48m = 157 feet 5.76 inches.

What are the ratings and certificates for 48M - 2013?

48M - 2013 is rated/received certificates of: South Korea:15

What actors and actresses appeared in 48M - 2013?

The cast of 48M - 2013 includes: Seok Ha as Yong-jun Hyun

What is bigger 0.048km or 0.48 m?

0.048km = 48m since 1km = 1000m. Therefore 0.048km (48m) is bigger than 0.48m

4800 cm how many meters?


What is anorei Collins breast size?


How much baseboard is needed to go around a square room of an area of 144m2?

I think the answer is 360 baseboard is needed because each baseboard is 2.5m long and so I multiplied 2.5 by 144 and I got 360

What is speed of object at 3 seconds given an acceleration of 16 feet per second squared for 3 seconds?

I assume the object starts from rest. The speed will be 16*3 which is 48m/s

What is 48m equals -16?


What is the perimeter of a square that has 12 meter sides?


is 48m bigger than 4800mm?

Yes it is bigger

What is 108 mintues?

nearly two hours 1h 48m

Is 144 cm equals 48m?

No 144 cm = 1.44 m

What is 48m in in feet?

48 meters is 157 feet and 5.76 inches.

4800 cm equals how many meters?

100cm = 1m : 4800cm = 48m .

What is the area of a trapezoid whose bases are 34m and 48m and 32m?

A trapezoid does not have three bases!

What is the perimeter of quadrilateral of 20m and 4m?

Perimeter = 20+20+4+4 = 48m

What is 480 centimeters in meters?

There are 100cm in metre. So divide 480cm by 100. The answer is 48m.

What is the label for perimeter?


If the radius is 48 meters what is the diameter?

d = r x 2: 2 x 48m = 96m

Height of luton airport control tower?

Luton's control tower is 157ft tall (just under 48m).

What is 48 meters x 13 meters in square meters?

48m x 13m = 624 m2