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Q: How do you Move 4 toothpicks from 4 squares to make 3 squares?
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How do you move 3 toothpicks from 4 squares to make 3 squares?


How do you move three lines from four squares to make three squares of equal size?

Is this question supposed to have 12 toothpicks to make 4 squares and then move 3 toothpicks to make 3 equal sized squares? Answer depends on the restrictions. Just move 3 sticks from any square to form a straight vertical or horizontal line up of squares is one option if there is no restrictions other than the three resulting squares are equal sizes.

How do you make 6 squares with 12 toothpicks?

You make 3-D! Look... 6 squares in one cube and you can do that with toothpicks too!

How do you make 3 squares with 12 toothpicks?

A square has 4 sides therefore 3 squares from 12 toothpicks will simply be three unconnected squares

How do you make 3 squares with 8 toothpicks?

2 on the top and 2 on both sides and 2 on the bottom

Take 4 toothpicks and arrange them differently to have 3 squares?


Can 10 toothpicks be used to form 3 congruent squares?


How can you take away 8 toothpicks and have 3 squares left?


How do you move three lines from five squares to make 4 squares?

Move 3 lines "from" - do you mean 'remove 3 lines from' - or - move 3 lines to other places? Anyway, this all depends on the layout of the five squares.

How do you make a square out of 3 toothpicks?

break the toothpicks and you've doubled your amount of toothpicks

How do you use 10 toothpicks to form 3 congruent squares?

Use the image contained below for a reference.

How do you make 4 triangle with 12 toothpicks?

You make a triangle with 3 toothpicks( /_\ ), and then 3 more triangles just like the first one.

How can you take 9 toothpicks and make ten without breaking the toothpicks?

Arrange the 9 toothpicks thus: 7 + 3

How do you move three lines from 5 squares to make 4 squares?

if 5 squares are there it gonna have 16 lines and removing 3 off the right end would still leave 4 squares

How many squares can you make with 3 squares?

You can make three squares

If i have 12 matches how do i move them to make 3 equal squares?

A sort of triangle of squares. Lay out 3 squares side by side using 10 matches. Take the middle match from the bottom row and use it and the other two to make a square based on the middle match of the top row.

If you have 5 squares remove 3 lines to make 4 squares but keep the 3 lines within the 4 squares?

So whats the question? If i had 5 squares remove 3 lines to make 4 squares but keep the 3 lines within the 4 squares what?

If you had 15 toothpicks could you make 3 congruent hexagons?


How do you make a 3 d figure with 6 toothpicks and 4marshmallows?

-- eat 3 marshmallows -- give away the toothpicks -- the remaining marshmallow is a 3-d figure all by itself

How do you use 10 toothpicks to make 3 congruent squares?

Since every square has 4 sides and you only have 10 toothpicks, obviously you can't have the squares be separate. You will need exactly 2 toothpicks to overlap. Once you realize that, there are two shapes that are possible and can be rotated to make a total of 6 different solutions. A straight line (vertical or horizontal): = = = | | | | = = = Or an L-shape (forwards, backwards, and upside-down forwards and backwards): = | | = = | | | = = Sorry that these don't look quite right, the formatting is getting screwed up.

How do you make 3 squares by taking 1 stick out?

First lay out 13 sticks to make 3 squares with a sick over. Then take 1 stick out. What is left is 3 squares. Simple!

Use 9 toothpicks to form 3 squares each side of which is a complete toothpick length?

This can be done in 3D. Place four toothpicks in a square shape on a flat surface. Take a further two toothpicks and place them in such a way that they for an upward triangle on two adjacent sides of the square on the floor. Take a further two toothpicks and do the sam on the other adjacent side. Take the last remaining toothpick and joint the two triangles. You have now created three equally sized squared in 3D

How do you make 41 with the three squares and the two squares?

3 squares: 36 + 4 + 1 2 squares: 25 + 16

What level will use 24 toothpicks if you continue a design made to form triangles First level uses 3 Second level uses 6 Third level uses 9 toothpicks etc?

There is a pattern here: Level 1 uses 3 = 3 × 1 toothpicks Level 2 uses 6 = 3 × 2 toothpicks Level 3 uses 9 = 3 × 3 toothpicks So it looks like each level uses 3 times the level number of toothpicks. ı→ 3 × level = 24 → level = 24 ÷ 3 = 8 So Level 8 uses 24 toothpicks.

May is using 35 sticks to make squares none of the squares can touch each other what is the greatest number of squares she can make?

8 with 3 left over