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If the fractions have the same denominator, just add or subtract the numerators.

13/20 - 9/20 = 4/20

2/5 + 1/5 = 3/5

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Q: How do you add or subtract the similar fraction?
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How do you add and subtract similar fraction?

Just simply add/subtract the numerators then copy the denominator.

What is the meaning of addition and subtraction of similar fraction?

Similar fractions are fractions with the same denominator. In order to add or subtract fractions they need to be similar.

What are the Rules for subtracting radicals?

similar-a similar radicand is to add or subtract similar radicals we simply add and subtract there coefficients and Anex to the sum of their common radical part.

Why do you need to find the LCM of a fraction?

or else you cannot add or subtract them

How do you add and subtract fractions in math?

You need common denominators. Then add or subtract the numerators. If the answer is an improper fraction it is common practice to reduce it to a mixed number.

How do you record score in fraction damath?

just add , subtract , multiply , and , divide

How do you subtract a negative fraction from another negative fraction?

i think you just add it and put the negative sign in front of it

How do your borrow from a whole number when subtracting fractions?

A mixed number has a whole number and a fraction. A fraction is a number that is less than whole and that has a denominator underneath a numerator. To add or subtract mixed numbers, add or subtract the fractions, then add or subtract the whole numbers. If the fraction portion of a mixed number, such as 2 5/6, is more than the fraction portion of the mixed number you're trying to subtract from, such as 3 1/6, you must borrow from the whole number of the mixed number you're trying to subtract from to make its fraction bigger... Please comment on my answers I do not have a Facebook account...

Can you give me some example of verb phrases in math?

add , subtract, multiply, fraction,

How can you add and subtract mixed numbers?

Make it into an both numbers an improper fraction and then do the opperation.

What are the rules in subtracting similar fraction?

If the denominators are the same (which is what I understand by "similar fractions"), just subtract the numerators (the upper part).

How do you add or subtract radicals with similar and dissimilar radicands?

See related link.