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Find the difference between the two numbers and attach the sign that belongs to the number with the bigger absolute value.

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Q: How do you adding 2 integers with different sign?
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How do you subtracting integers?

1. change the subtract to an add and switch the sign of the second. 2. follow rules for addition. -same sign is adding and keep the sign -different sign is subtract and take the sign of the bigger number

What are the two steps for adding integers?

alright i think this is rightSTEPSSame DIFFERENT1)Add 2)subtract3)larger number sign(-,+)is answer sign

What is the quotient of 2 integers with the different sign?

It is a negative rational number.

What is the definition of adding and subtracting integers?

adding and subtracting integers is when you add and minus 2 numbers

What can you say about the sign of the sum of two integers with unlike sign?

Depends on how large each integer is. +1-2 or +2-1. Different signs depending on the size of the integers.

What is adding and subtracting integers?

Integers are whole numbers, both positive and negative. Therefore, adding and subtracting integers would be adding and subtracting whole numbers. Examples: 8+2 -8+2 8-2 -8-2

What is adding integers?


When adding 2 negative integers the answer is?

A negative.

How is adding integers related to subtracting integers?

1+1 = 2 2-1 = 1

What is the answer for adding these 2 integers together 34 22?

It is 56.

When adding 2 integers will the answer be positive?

When adding two integers, the answer will be positive if both integers are positive, or if one is negative but its absolute value is smaller than the absolute value of the positive integer.

What is the difference between adding and multiplying integers?

They are different operations, giving different results. Example: 1+1=2, 1*1=1.

What to do when you're subtracting or adding integers and the signs are different?

The sum or difference will take the sign of whichever number is larger (disregarding the signs). -6 + 8 = 2 6 + -8 = -2 8 - (-6) = 14 -8 - 6 = -14

When adding two integers with opposite signs what is the answer going to be?

The sum will take the sign of whichever number is larger (disregarding the signs). -6 + 8 = 2 6 + -8 = -2

How do you add 2 integers if they both have different signs?

You find their difference. The answer has the sign of the number with the larger absolute value.

What is the product of 2 integers with like sign?

positive :)

How do you add and subbtract positive and negative integers?

When adding negative integers, you subtract. (2+-1=1) When subtracting negative integers, you add. (2--3=5)

What is -2 plus -1?


What will be the sign of the product if you together multiply199 negative integers and 10 positive integers?

Because 199 is an odd number the product willl be a negative sign For example: -2*-2 = 4 but -2*-2*-2 = -8

What can you say about sum of two negative integers?

It would stay always stay negative if you're adding 2 negative integers.

How do you add 2 integers if they have the same sign?

You simplyadd them and keep the same sign. 3 + 2 = 5 -3-2 = -5

How do you divide integers with the same sign?

When dividing integers with the same sign, your answer will be positive. 10 divided by 2 is 5. -100 divided by -50 is 2. I hope I answered your question. Thank you for asking.

Why is adding two negative integers always negative?

Say you're adding -2+(-2). Adding negative two is equavilant to subtracting positive two. Both -2+(-2) would be -4. I hope that made sense.

What is a math problem that involves 2 negative integers and a negative answer?

It can be a problem to do with adding or subtracting or exponents.

What is the sign of the product when you multiply four integers?

The sign of the product of four integers depends on the signs of the individual integers. There are 4 cases: 1) When all 4 integers share the same sign and all are non-zero (either all are positive or all are negative), the product is positive. 2) When 3 of the 4 integers share the same sign and all are non-zero (3 are positive and 1 is negative; or 3 are negative and 1 is positive), the product is negative. 3) When 2 of the integers are positive non-zero and the other 2 of the integers are negative non-zero, the product is positive. 4) If even one of the integers is zero, the product is zero (no sign - it is neither positive nor negative).