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Q: How do you approximate from a radical?
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What is Exact value?

Exact value means you do not approximate. So if you answer has a radical in it, you leave the radical and do not approximate it. If it has a fraction such as 1/3, you leave it and do not approximate it as .3 or .33 or even.333333333333333...

What is the full extent of pi?

it never end pi is a radical; therefore, its symbol pi "π" is the whole answer, and there will never be an approximate answer.

Can a non-radical number be added to a radical?

An expression such as root(3) + 2 (square root of 3, added to 2) can not be simplified. Of course, you can convert the square root to a decimal and then add, to get an approximate result.

What is a ''Radical'' in mathematics?

A radical is a root.A radical is a root.A radical is a root.A radical is a root.

What is the radical approximation of radical 11?

There is no reasonable radical approximation for radical 11.

Example of radical in addition?

Here is an example, radical 20 plus radical 5. Now radical 20 is 2(radical 5) so we can add radical 5 and 2 radical 5 and we have 3 radical 5.

The expression radical 3x is equivalent to the expression x radical 3?

Radical (3x) = radical(x) * radical(3).

What is a stable radical?

A stable radical is a radical that is not changing. A radical is a molecule or atom that has an unpaired electron.

What is -3 radical 2 radical 50?

-3*radical(2)*radical(50) = -3*radical(2*50) = -3*radical(100) = -3*10 = -30

When you multiply a radical number with another radical number do the radical signs cancel each other out?

Not necessarily. If it is the same radical number, then the signs cancel out. Radical 5 times radical 5 equals 5. But if they are different, then you multiply the numbers and leave them under the radical sign. Example: radical 5 * radical 6 = radical 30

What is the conjugate of -a radical b?

a radical b or -a - radical b

What is radical 5 times radical 6?

radical 30