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Study to understand and then study to remember for exams. It also helps to enjoy the subjects.

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Q: How do you be good in Science subjects?
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What subjects do you need to be good at to be a lawyer?

The subjects that you really have to be good at to become a lawyer is writing, reading, science,and math. But, the main subjects you have to be good at is Writing and science.

What subjects should a student focus on?

The most lucrative subjects are science and math. However, a student should focus on the subjects that he is most good at.

What subjects do you have to be good at to be a doctor?

I assume you mean school subjects. At that level, biology is the most relevant, though you will need to be very good at science in general.

What subjects do you need to be a mechanic?

For a mechanic you will need to be good at mathematics, science and English.

What is the subjects that need to study geology?

basically, the subjects that need to study geology are such science subjects such as geography and physical science.

What are the subjects in science stream after ssc?


What subjects are mathematical subjects?

Science architecture and Pharmacy

What plants are good for a science project?

Radishes grow pretty fast, so they make good subjects for science projects. Mustard works well too.

How are physical science same as life science?

Their both science subjects.

What are the subjects in ba degree?

there are core subjects which are the three main subjects which are maths, science and English

Is a hypothesis good in every subject?

Not in all subjects, because in some subjects, you'll need to have an exact answer. You can make a hypothesis in science, not in math or social studies.

What subjects do you need to study forensic science?

science and math

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