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Q: How do you bring down the power of a number?
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How much ice will bring down power lines in an ice storm?

It takes as little as a quarter inch of ice to bring down a power line. Just one quarter of an inch can add 500 pounds of weight to the power line.

What does bring down the house mean?

To bring down the house means to cause an audience to leap to its feet, breaking into cheers and wild applause, by the power of one's performance.

Who sings bring me down?

its the song: bring me down by Pillar

How do you use bring down in a sentence?

Tonight's performance will bring down the house. Please bring down my hat from the attic.

What can you take to bring your period down?

what can I take to bring down my period

What do you do when mechine part is found in HeartGold?

Bring it to the Power Plant on Route 10 in Kanto. You'll have to Surf down a stream to get to it.

What does dmsb stand for in division?

It stands for Divide, Multiply, Subtract, and bring Down. This is used in long division. You divide the number on the left into the one on the right, placing your answer on top of the bracket. Then, you multiply the number on top of the bracket with the number on the left, placing this answer below the right-hand number. You subtract the number on the very bottom from the right-hand number. Then, you bring down the next numeral available underneath the bracket.

When was You Can't Bring Me Down created?

You Can't Bring Me Down was created in 1990.

When was You Bring Me Down created?

You Bring Me Down was created on 2008-02-04.

what do stratus clouds bring down?

they bring down a little snow and rain

How do you shut Kinect down when you are playing kinnectmals?

You can be mean and press the power button, or bring out the controller and press the button you use to turn it on.

How many kids argue with their parents a day?

There is no statistical information for that, though, you can help bring whatever that number is down.