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Q: How do you build a pyramid in 4 or 5 steps?
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What 3d shapes has 4 faces?

a triangular pyramid

Do a pyramid have 4 faces?

It has five. 5 * * * * * A square or qurdilateral pyramid does, indeed, have 5 faces but a triangular pyramid - better known as a TETRAHEDRON - has 4.

How many steps to build a army tank?

it takes 5-10 steps

How many corners does a 4 sided pyramid have?

If you mean the base has 4 sides then the pyramid is a square based pyramid and has 5 corners. If you mean the pyramid has 4 faces then the pyramid is a tetrahedron with a triangular base and has 4 corners.

How many vertices does a square pyramid and triangular pyramid?

Square pyramid : 5 vertices. Triangular pyramid : 4 vertices.

How many vertexes on a pyramid?

4 For a pyramid with a triangle base- 4 vertices (plural of vertex) For a pyramid with a square base- 5 vertices

How many face does a square pyramid have?

5because it has one in the base (down) and 4 aroundA square pyramid has 5 faces.5

What has 4 triangles and 5 vertices?

4-sided pyramid.

How many faces does de pyramid has?

A triangular pyramid has 4 of them A rectangular pyramid has 5 of them. A pentagonal pyramid has 6 of them. . . etc. It depends on what kind of pyramid it is.

How many lengths of straw would be needed to build a pentagonal based pyramid?


Does a pyramid have a flat surface?

a pyramid with a triangular base has 4 faces. a pyramid with a square base has 5 faces.

How many shapes does a pyramid have?

A pyramid has 5 shapes 4 triangles and 1 square.