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how we calculate the average of activa

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Q: How do you calculate activa average?
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What is Honda Activa's average on road?


What is the average mileage of Honda Activa?


Is Honda activa better or Honda aviator?

According to me Honda aviator is much better then activa.... because aviator has good look,average,pick up,powerful engine,....

Activa has gears or not?

no activa don't hav gears.

When was Activa-International created?

Activa-International was created in 1965.

Activa on road price?

what is the on road price of honda activa at baroda

What is the meaning of activa?

In my openion activa mean's you have to be active personality well enjoyful.

Which color rod is better in white activa?

black colour is better in white activa .

Can you drive activa without license?

The Activa scooter and the Citroen Activa concept car both require a valid drivers license in order to be driven on a public street or highway.

How do you set an Activa AA model watch?

The same way you set an Activa AA model watch

Honda activa prise in gujarat in 2009?

ple give me the ans of Honda activa new prise in gujarat

Which is better activa or aviator?