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Total surface area of a cube: 6 times a side squared

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Q: How do you calculate area of cube?
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How do you calculate surface area of cube?

Multiply the area of one of its faces by 6

What is the formula to calculate the total surface area of a cube?

Total Surface Area = 6L2. Where L = the length of one side of the cube.

How do you calculate cube area?

height x length x deaph

How do you calculate surface area volume of a cube?

If a cube has sides of length x cm then area = 6x2 cm2 and volume = x3 cm3

Using pascal write a program to calculate area of cube?

{Area s the area of cube} {Length is the length of one side of the cube} program AreaofCube; var Area,Length:real; begin write('Enter the length of cube: '); readln(Length); Area:=6*(Length*Length); writeln('The area of cube is ', Area, ' cm^2.'); end.

Lateral surface area of cube?

lateral area of a cube is consisting of 4 times the area of each face, so first calculate the area of a face (side2) then multiply by 4

How do you calculate the surface area of a cube with a side measurement of 3.2 inches?


How would you calculate the surface area if a cube had six sides?

Surface area if a cube with six sides can be calculated by finding the surface area of one side and then multiplying the result by 6.

How do you calculate surface area of a cube?

The Cube has 6 surfaces to cover it, and consider each side as "a" ; therefore the formula is 6 a 2 ..

How do you calculate the total surface area of a cube?

6*s2 where s is the length of an edge.

How do you find the volume of a cube by only knowing the surface area?

From the surface area, calculate the length of each side: area = 6 x side2.Once you know this side, you can get the cube of it, to obtain the volume.

How do you calculate volume of square?

A square has an area not a volume. Here are some equations for a cube and a square area of a square = length² volume of a cube = length³ Remember that units are very important.

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