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Service factor is gearbox horsepower rating over motor horsepower.

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Q: How do you calculate gearbox service factor?
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How do you calculate load factor of gear box?

K Factor Also called an Overhung Load Factor. A constant used to modify the overhung load rating of a gearbox based on the type of load applied on the shaft. Use the K factor either to increase the calculated overhung load, or to reduce the gearbox overhung load rating.

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define motor service factor? define motor service factor?

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What is the service factor of motor?

service factor of motor is 1.00 or 1.15 . almost all electric motors rated at 1.5 horsepower or more have a service factor of 1.15 or greater. a motor with a 1.00 service factor is usually a very small motor like an exhaust fan in residential bathroom. if a motor has 1.00 service factor all that means is that it can only operate at 100% of its rated amperage. a motor with a 1.15 service factor can periodically be run at 115% of its rated amperage without damaging the motor.

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What is service factor?

Service factor is a measure of overload capacity at which an electric motor can periodically operate at without damaging the motor. for example, a 1 horsepower motor with a service factor of 1.15 can be run at 1.15 times its rated amperage without damaging the motor.