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Q: How do you calculate linear flow rate?
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Is the relationship between the fluid flow rate and the flow tube radius linear or exponential?

The relationship between fluid flow rate and flow tube radius is typically nonlinear and follows a power law relationship. As the flow tube radius increases, the flow rate also increases, but not in a linear fashion. Instead, the relationship is often modeled using equations involving powers or roots of the tube radius.

What are flow meters used for?

Flow meters are used to measure the linear, nonlinear, mass, or volumetric flow rate of a liquid or gas.

How do you calculate expected fill rate?

Capacity of container divided by rate of flow

How do you calculated the flow rate?

To calculate flow rate you divide volume (50mL) by time (120 seconds.)Hope this helps.

How do you calculate elution volume?

flow rate x time

Calculate volume flow rate?

This is the ratio volume/time.

Is the relationship between the fluid flow rate and the flow radius linear or expontial?

The relationship between fluid flow rate and flow radius is not linear nor exponential. It is described by the Hagen-Poiseuille equation which shows that the flow rate is directly proportional to the fourth power of the radius of the tube. This means that a small change in the radius of the tube can have a significant impact on the flow rate.

How do you calculate charge flow?

Rate of change of charge with time. its called current.

How do you calculate the steam flow rate?

The steam flow rate can be calculated by dividing the mass flow rate of the steam by the specific volume of the steam at the given conditions. This can be determined using steam tables or steam property calculators. The formula to calculate steam flow rate is: Flow rate (lb/h) = Mass flow rate (lb/h) / Specific volume (ft^3/lb)

Can the rate of change be linear or nonlinear?

Yes, the rate of change can be linear or non-linear.

Why are rotameter is always tapered in shape?

so that there is a linear relationship between the flow rate and position in the float within the tube.

Applications of orifice meter in industries?

(to check the flow rate of water ... calculate the pressure drop