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Write the names of the people across the top and TRUE LOVE along the side. Count how many Ts, Rs, Us, Es, Ls, Os and Vs you have in both names and write it next to the letters of TRUE LOVE.

Emily Stinson

Jack Pepper

T - 1

R - 1

U - 0

E - 3

L - 1

O - 1

V - 0

E - 3

Once you've done that, add together all the numbers from TRUE and all the numbers from LOVE.











If you get a two=digit number, add the two digits together. Then place the number from LOVE behind the number from TRUE and you get a percentage.


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i got 128
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i still dont know how you do



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Heyy, I got 105% what does this mean?? Can someone tell me?

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Q: How do you calculate love on paper?
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