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You calculate overall percentage of engineering marks by taking the number of engineering marks and dividing it by the percentage. When you do that, you will get your average percentage of engineering marks.

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Q: How do you calculate overall percentage of engineering marks?
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How do you calculate percentage marks in 12th?


How much percentage marks required in enter for NED university in chemical engineering?

how much percentage is required for chemical engineering in ned

Percentage needed to get admission in engineering colleges in mumbai?

how much percentage in hsc and cet marks is nedded for admission in engineering college?

How do you calculate percentage of total marks?

It is: (marks gained)/(total possible marks) times 100 to find the percentage

How do you calculate aggregate percentage of marks obtained in class twlveth in cbse for the year 2004?

You can calculate the aggregate percentage of marks obtained in class twelfth in CBSE for the year 2004 by calculating it using a calculator. You use the formula to calculate it.

How do you calculate cumulative percentage of marks?

kac ewan ko eh

How to calculate graduation marks in aggregate?

How to calculate aggregate marks in graduation.taking percentage of all subject or honers .tell me

How do you calculate percentage of total marks obtained in the exam?

394 obtained out of 520, what is the percantage

My marks in keam is 86 which engineering college you can get?

130 marks in keam engineering and got 80% marks in +2

How do you calculate percent of marks is west Bengal council of higher secondary examination?

To calculate the percentage marks in the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education, the continuous assessment marks, assignments and the main examination marks are required. The main examination marks carries a larger weight though.

What percentage is required for food engineering in NED?

Between 75% to 76% required on merit, according to 2014 closing marks..

How do you calculate icse percentage?

take english and environment marks and other top 3 subjects (for 2012).

How do you calculate percentage of marks obtained in 1 subject in c plus plus?

try using cmath

How do you calculate Cumulative percent age of marks scored?

The cumulative percentage is the total of all scores by utilizing successive addition. The CGPA is found by adding total marks and marks obtained then multiplying by 100.

How do you take out percentage of marks?

Suppose a test is worth X marks and you get Y marks. Then your percentage marks are100*(Y/X).

How much marks required to get admission in engineering?

But my marks 47%

What is 75 marks out of 85 marks as a percentage?


How is percentage calculated in ideal aims?

this a city school website this website is used to make the marks and total overall of the students this is a web that automatically adds the marks and finds out the percentage thankyou! regards romana anjum

What are the cutoff marks in JCECE to enter BIT Sindri?

90 marks overall

How should you convert cgpa into percentage and also to calculate marks obtained you have done engg from BPUT and have secured 7.16 out of 10?

Equivalent Percentage = (CGPA - 0.75) x 10. So your percentage is 66.6.

How do you get a percentage using a calcultor?

divide your gained marks to the total marks and then multiply by 100. u'll get your percentage.

how to attempt the engineering drawing exam for getting pass marks?

good marks in drawing

What are the engineering colleges for the cutoff marks 190-192?

K.L.N Engineering college in madurai

You got 88 marks in all India engineering entrance exam.what college can you expect for mechanical engineering?

you have got very less marks. it is diff to get admission .

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