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sec(x)=1/cos(x) - (hint: look at the third letter: sec->(1/)cos,

cosec->(1/)sin, cot->(1/)tan)

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Q: How do you calculate sec in trigonometry?
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How do you calculate a step ladder using trigonometry?

A step ladder is not something that you calculate!

Which mathematician used trigonometry first to calculate the pyramids?


What are the functions of trigonometry?

The six basic functions of trigonometry are the sine, cosine, tangent, cosecant, secant, and cotangent functions. Abbreviated sin, cos, tan, csc, sec, cot.

How do you calculate a angle within a triangle?

One method is to use trigonometry.

How does the military use trigonometry?

It is used to calculate the trajectories of projectiles and missiles.

How do you calculate a triangle with right angle?

It depends what you need to calculate. There are various formulas for this. It is a branch of mathematics called trigonometry.

How do you calculate the angles of a triangle with coordinates?

With a protractor or use trigonometry if you know its dimensions

How is geometry used in navigation?

trigonometry is often used to calculate distances from certain locations

How do oceanographers use trig?

Oceanographers use trigonometry to calculate the height of tides in oceans

How do you calculate the angles of a right triangle with coordinates?

With a protractor or use trigonometry if you know its dimensions

How do you calculate velocity for pump discharge?

'by using this formula , Q=A*V, M3/Sec=M2*M/Sec'

How does trigonometry improve your lives?

Trigonometry is used for various measurements of right angle triangle. so if you know height and base and incident angle then you can calculate other factors of triangle. Trigonometry is very useful in algebra too! in exam you can get mathematical problems which are included sin, cos, tan, cot, sec, cosec. Firstly it may appear boring. but once you understood then it will much interesting like puzzle. It is very useful to engineering. i hope this answer is useful.

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