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Each second has 1,000 msec in it.

Multiply the number of seconds by 1,000 and you have

the number of milliseconds in the same length of time.

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Q: How do you calculate seconds to msec?
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How do you transfer 30 seconds into a millisecond?

1000 msec = 1 sec 30,000 msec = 30 sec

Write 3.5 seconds as milliseconds?

3500 msec

Which is correct in the blink of an eye or in a blink of an eye?

Blink of eye is between 100 - 400 msec accordance to It is 0.1 - to 0.4 of seconds.

How many msec in sec?


How do you calculate seconds into milliseconds?

Multiply seconds by 1,000.

What is the Standard abbreviation for milliseconds?

ms or msec

How do you calculate mph from seconds?

MPH = miles per hour. In order to calculate hours from seconds, you just need to know that there are 3,600 seconds in an hour.

What is a round trip delay in satellite communication?

250 msec

How do you calculate the amount of seconds in a day?

Multiply by 24x60x60. This is 86400 seconds in a day.

Frames of 1000 bits are sent over a 1-Mbps channel using a geostationary satellite whose propagation time from the earth is 270 msec?

Let t=0 denote the start of transmission. At t=1 msec, the first frame has been fully transmitted. At t=271 msec, the first frame has fully arrived. At t=272 msec, the frame acknowledging the first one has been fully sent. At t=542 msec, the acknowledementbearing frame has fully arrived. Thus, the cycle is 542 msec. A total of k frames are sent in 542 msec, for an efficiency of k/542. Hence a) k=1, efficiency=1/542=0,18% b) k=7, efficiency=7/542=1,29% c) k=4, efficiency=4/542=0,74%

How long is the latent period when a muscle twitch?

around 4 msec

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