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To calculate the area you multiply the width times lenghth.the numbers that are on the side of the shape multiply them and you'll get the area. Now to get the perimeter you add the numbers on the sides together. Add lenght times width.that's how you get your perimter and area.

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Q: How do you calculate the area and perimeter of shapes?
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How do you find the perimeter and area of an irregular shape?

You break it up into smaller shapes which are less irregular. If these are more regular, you can calculate their contribution to the perimeter, and their area. You can then add these together.

When do you need to calculate the perimeter of shapes?

Legnth of the sides and then you add them up to get the perimeter

How do you calculate the perimeter of the cone?

You don't. Perimeter is a concept associated with plane figures, not solid shapes.

Can two shapes have the same perimeter?

Yes - even shapes with different area.

Why would you need to separate a figure into parts to calculate perimeter and area?

You don't need to if you can manage to work out the perimeter and area of complex shapes. Most people cannot work easily with shapes other than triangles, quadrilaterals, circles and semicircles. For them (us) it is easier to partition the shape.

How do you find area and perimeter?

For the area of a square, it is the base x the height, and the perimeter is 2height+2base. For the area of a triangle, it is base x height divided by two. And to find the perimeter you just add up each of the side lengths.

Can a shape have the same area but not perimeter?

Most shapes have different perimeter than area, as far as value.

How many shapes have an area of 5 and a perimeter of 12?

There are infinitely many shapes.

Can shapes with the same area have different perimeter?

yes they can

What shapes have a perimeter of 15 and an area of 16?


What is geometry as a subject?

it's a subject because it explains about all types of shapes that you can know and it also teaches you how to calculate the area and perimeter of the shape that you are finding.

What is a composite figures perimeter?

They are the result of combining shapes, either by adding parts or taking parts away. We calculate the perimeter of composite shapes by splitting them into simpler pieces and then calculating the perimeter of those simpler pieces.