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1. Calculate the length of the pile multiplied by the area of the circle of the tube i.e. pi times radius squared times length of pile. This will be a m2 unit.

This gives you your tube for the pile, next we calc. the whole of bulb end using a similar calc. then take away the straight cylinder part. This will be a m2 unit.

2. calculate the average width (diameter) of bulb section. for example if it goes from a max of 3 metres down to 1 meter, the average is 2 metres. therefore the calc. will be : pi times 1 squared times length of bulb.

Then to get just the extra bulb volume take the cylinder part of the bulb away. This will be a m2 unit.

3. You then have to add an "Extra value" measurement on for creating the bulb section. This is a No. unit.

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Q: How do you calculate the conrete of Bulb piles?
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