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C = pi d

d= C/pi

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Q: How do you calculate the diameter if you know the circcumference?
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Pressure 14.5psi flow will be 700gallon per day how will calculate the pipe diameter?

I want to know based on flow and pressure how to calculate diameter of the pipe

How do you find the diameter of a cylinder when you only know the length?

If you only know the length, and nothing else, you can't. If you know the length and the volume, you can calculate the diameter.

What may be calculated from its diameter?

If by "it" you mean a circle, once you know the diameter, you can calculate its radius, its circumference, and its area.

Weight calculation from height and diameter?

Height and diameter will give you the volume, if you know the density you can then calculate weight from that.

How do you calculate the diameter of a circle?

If you know the circumference, the ration of the diameter to the circumference is π, so diameter = circumference/π If you have the radius, diameter = 2 x radius

How do you calculate the circumference of a circle if you know the diameter?

Multiply the diameter by Pi as the formula Pi x d = Circumference. Where d stands for diameter.

How do you calculate surface area of a circle if you know the diameter?

4*pi*(d/2)2Where d is diameter

How do you calculate the diameter of a circle if you know the circumference?

To get the diameter d is to divide the circumference C by pi. d = C / pi

What is the formula to calculate the diameter of a string to get the desired Hz if you know the wavelength?

There is no such formula.

How to calculate area in a circle?

Depends on what you know. Like if you know the radius, square it and multiply it by pi. If you know the diameter, do the same thing as you do with the radius except do it after finding half of that diameter.

What is the equation to calculate the area of a circle if you know the diameter?

Area= Pi r squared

How do you calculate diameter of electrode for an electric arc furnace?

i don't know please give me the answer