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It needs to match the rating of the service and the panel itself. The panel will have an amperage rating and you should not exceed this.

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Q: How do you calculate the main fuse for electrical wiring?
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What is MSB in electrical wiring?

main switch board

What are practical uses of copper?

The main use is in electrical wiring.

What does the 75A battery fuse on a 96 Nissan altima control?

That is the main fuse. It protect all the wiring in the vehicle.

Is there a main fuse in a Hyundai Elantra?

Yes, a main fuse is located in the Hyundai Elantra engine bay fuse box. The main fuse is used for the alternator just in case the alternator experiences a power surge. It protect the rest of the electrical components.

Why does the main fuse on your Mazda bongo keep blowing?

More than likely a short in the wiring.

Can a fuse stop a 1991 Honda Accord from starting?

Yes, a blown main fuse will cut all electrical power to the vehicle.

What is the main purpose of a circuit breaker or fuse on a circuit?

The main purpose of a circuit breaker is to protect wiring from overheating and starting fires.

Where is the fuse found in the wiring system of a house?

There is a fuse on each main circuit and a main fuse on the cable coming into the house. These are normally in the fuse box otherwise known as the consumer unit, which is found near the place where the main cable enters the use. Modern consumer units tend to have circuit breakers instead of fuses.

How does a automotive fuse box work?

It's a central location for all electronics essentially. The main design of a fuse box is to hold fuses in a central location and a good testing/ diagnosing point for electrical problems. So you won't be chasing fuses and wiring all around the vehicle everytime you diagnose it.

The electrical wiring in your house uses what type of circuitry?

Parallel for main circuits and series parallel for lighting circuits.

Which IS a common sense safety procedure that can help prevent electrical accidents?

The main safety rule is to switch off at the mains before working on electrical equipment and wiring.

What are the main requirements for the house wiring?

SAFETY. Don't let any one that is not qualified to touch your home electrical system!

What are the advantages of wiring a circuit in series?

The main advantage to wiring a circuit with multiple accessories and access points into a series is that one main switch can control them all. This can allow a single circuit breaker, fuse, or the operator to disable them all in one step.

Is there a fuse for the main electrical system when you turn the key on for a 97 sierra 1500?

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "Main electrical system"? Thier is a fuse linking to certain features and to other fuses specificaly for when the key is turned. You'll find this fuse in the main panel under the hood, and a separate but equal fuse in the panel in the cab of the pickup, It will be labled as IGN for ignition. As far as the "Main electrical system", No, for the battery, the computer, and most other "MAIN" items, these items do not care if the key is turnned or not. If this doesn't answer your question. Please re ask your question being more specific about what you mean by "Main Electrical System" and even go further by telling me what your actually having trouble with that would lead you to believe that you needed to know about a fuse and tell me what your ending goal is. What's broke. I can fix that easier than fixing a problem that you don't know why it needs fixing. Happy Hunting.

2002 KIA sportage and the main headlight fuse keeps blowing what could be wrong?

If the main headlight fuse keeps blowing out on a 2002 Kia Sportage, check for a short in the wiring. Also check to make sure there is no moisture in the headlight holder.

Toyota tundra pickup wipers turn signals and power windows not operating?

Check fuses under hood and under your dash. If you have lost all electrical check the main fuse in the box under the hood. IF that is blown you lose everything in the fuse box. Check fuses under hood and under your dash. If you have lost all electrical check the main fuse in the box under the hood. IF that is blown you lose everything in the fuse box.

Where is the main fuse on 04 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

"Main fuse"? Fuses are located in the under hood fuse box."Main fuse"? Fuses are located in the under hood fuse box.

Where is the fuse for the dash power outlet on a 2000 Dakota The outlet that's supposed to be hot all the time The wiring diagram shows a dedicated fuse somewhere but where?

The fuse for the Power Accessory Outlet on the dash is located up under the dash on the drivers side behind the main fuse panel. Look up under the dash towards the rear of the main fuse panel and it is mounted there. Need a flashlight. It is somewhat hard to access.

What does it mean if your motor won't turn over?

Battery is dead, starter is defective, or the ignition switch is bad. Or you can have a blown main fuse of loose or corroded wiring.

How do you change the main fuse on a 1993 probe?

The Main fuse is in the fuse box under the hood on the drivers side. It is a 100 amp fuse.

What are the required for electrical panel?

The main items required for an electrical panel include the panel box itself, fuses, and wiring. The wires are fed into the box and attached to a series of circuit breakers to allow electricity to be directed as needed.

Why wont stereo work in my mk2 golf?

Assuming the stereo worked previously, check the fuse on the main panel (fuse number varies with vehicle model). If the panel fuse is okay then check any inline fuses in the stereo wiring loom or on the the stereo itself. - SD

What are mains sockets?

"Main sockets" is referring to fuse sockets, particularly the main fuse sockets for a fuse panel.

Is the radio wiring harness the same for the 2003 as well as the 2006 Silverado?

you can use the same stereo out of your 2003 in your 2006 if you have the gm 2000 wiring kit cuz your speedomator and some of you main electrical goes through your radi in 2006 models

How do you avoid overheating of the electrical wiring of the equipment?

Overheating of electrical wiring is overcome by installing the correct size conductors to carry the load amperage of the equipment. Use a larger size wire to the load. The main purpose of the breaker is to protect the wire that is connected to it. If the wire becomes overloaded due to a high current flow the breaker will trip.

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