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Look in the metric handbook

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Q: How do you calculate the maximum capacity of a building based on its square footage?
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What is the maximum legal capacity for a night club in Las Vegas?

Legal capacity of any building is different. The reason being is the square footage of the floor plan. It all depends on what the fire marshall deems safe in case of emergency.

In a commercial building what is the maximum number of risers can you have on wood stringers and do they have to be doubled?

Generally in a commercial space we are working with more square footage from bottom to top. Building codes consider traffic circulation, and load capacity. ?æIf the stringers does not require a more durable material it really should calculate properly. Doubling isn't necessary unless code permits.

What is capacity planning and control?

Capacity planning and control is a very important aspect of a business. Businesses are allowed to have a maximum amount of customers in their building at once so this has to be planned and controlled.

How do you calculate the crane boom lifting capacity?

The crane boom lifting capacity is determined by the base weight, the angle of incline and the length of the boom. Cranes are given a maximum lifting rating. Weights are graphed showing the maximum under each variable.

How do you calculate occupant load?

If you mean the maximum occupancy of a room, then several things are considered. The square footage of the room, the room's purpose, and the number of emergency exits that exist are factored in.

When was Maximum Capacity born?

Maximum Capacity was born on 1968-08-02.

As of 2014 what it the maximum capacity if a computer?

As of 2011 the maximum capacity of a computer is 64 bit.

What is lessors risk?

* Building may not be more than 25% vacant. * Lessor's Risk - Office Building - Office building Lessor's Risk must have 75% or more of the building occupied by tenants who have property exposures limited to those of a typical office exposure. Maximum allowable square footage of an office building is 100,000 and maximum number of stories is 6. * Lessor's Risk - All Other Buildings - Other lessor's risk personal property exposures for all tenants must be usual to the retail and wholesale eligible classes of business. Maximum allowable square footage of the building is 30,000 and maximum number of stories is 6. * Shopping Centers - Strip Type - Now you can get an instant quote for your Shopping and Strip Centers. These two classes are an LRO specialty. Even Shopping and Strip Centers with Restaurants (no more than 25%) are acceptable

What is the maximum zoom capacity in Microsoft Word?

The maximum zoom capacity in Microsoft Word 2003is 500%.

What is the maximum towing capacity of the 2014 Lincoln MKX?

The maximum tosing capacity of the 2008 Lincoln MKX is 3500 lbs..

What is the maximum cargo capacity of the Toyota Rav4?

The maximum cargo capacity of the 2012 Toyota RAV4 is 73.0 cu.ft..

What is the maximum seating capacity on a drop leaf table?

The maximum seating capacity on a drop leaf table is 14.