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If you assume a rectangular building, you measure the length and the width (in feet, in this case), and multiply.

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Q: How do you calculate the square feet in a building?
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What is the Square Feet in a 50 feet x 80 feet building?

The building contains 4,000 square feet.

How do you Calculate Parking Ratios?

To calculate parking ratios, you divide the total parking spaces available by the total square footage of the building or space being measured. For example, if a building has 100 parking spaces and 10,000 square feet, the parking ratio would be 100/10,000, which equals 0.01 or 1 parking space per 100 square feet.

How to calculate linear square feet?

There are linear feet, and square feet, but no "linear square feet".

How calculate feet into sq feet?

to calculate square feet you need a 2d shape

What is a 1200 square foot building?

a building with a total floorspace of 1,200 square feet. For instance, a building that is 40 feet wide and 30 feet long would have 1200 square feet of floor space.

How do i calculate square meters into square feet?

Square meters x 10.764 = square feet.

How do you calculate Inches into Square Feet?

Square inches x 0.00694 = square feet

How do you calculate feet to sq feet?

You can't actually go from feet to square feet because feet is distance but square feet is area. but to calculate for example the square feet in a rectangle you would do base times height.

How do you calculate the occupant load in a pool for Arizona?

By the number of suface area square feet. Check with the local Building Dept. for specs.

How to compute the area to know how much tons of refrigeration is needed?

I assume your formula is based on interior square feet of building area. If the building is a rectangle or square, then the length in feet, multiplied by the width, in feet, gives you the total area, in square feet. If the building is square, the length and width are both the same length. Measure the lengths and widths in feet and tenths of feet, or if allowed, round off to the nearest foot. If you use inches, convert them to feet and tenths of feet, or if allowed, round off the tenths of feet to the nearest foot. If the building has more than four sides, draw lines inside the building, to divide the interior building shape into two or more rectangles. Calculate the area for each rectangle and add up the areas from each rectangle, to get the total square feet or total area of the building.

How do you calculate square meters to square feet?

Multiply the number of square meters by 10.7639 to get square feet.

How to Calculate square feet into acres?

Square feet divided by 43,560 = acres