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Answer: Type the number into your calculator... and hit the square root button.

Answer: To calculate with pencil and paper, several methods exist; all of them require some kind of iteration. Trial-and-error is the easiest, but not the fastest. Here is a fairly fast method: Estimate an initial square root. For example, estimate the square root of 2 as 1. Divide the number by the estimate; 2 / 1 = 2. Take the average of your prior estimate and the result of the division - in this case, 1.5. Repeat the method with this new number: 2 / 1.5 = 1.33333... Here, the new average is roughly 1.4. The number of correct digits approximately doubles every time you repeat the cycle.

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you can use the square root button on a calculator. it looks like a long division ramp.

if you know the number and want to square it, just multiply it by it self.

example: i want to square six.


so, the square root of 36 is 6.

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Q: How do you calculate the square root of a square number?
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How do you calculate fourth root of any number?

1: Calculate the square root, then calculate its square root; OR 2: Take the logarithm of the number, divide it by 4 then take the antilog.

0.75 is the square root of what value?

Any positive number is the square root of its square. In other words, you need to calculate the square of 0.75.

What is the square root of negative 340?

That's the same as the square root of positive 340, times i. Many calculators can't calculate the square root of negative numbers, since they are not set up to calculate with complex numbers, but you can simply calculate the square root of the equivalent positive number, then add "i" to the result.

Is the square root of 12 a natural number?

No. A natural number is a whole number, that is, no digits after the decimal point. Calculate the square root of 12 on a calculator, and you will see that it is not a whole number.

Is 2934 a square?

Try it out! For example, you can use a calculator to calculate the number's square root. If you get a whole number - no decimals - then the number is a perfect square.

If you divide 4 by the square root of -7 and then times that by the square root of sin30 how many swag points will you gain?

I am not sure what you want to calculate; anyway, the square root of a negative number is a complex number: in this case, "i" multiplied by the square root of 7. The remaining calculations will also result in complex numbers. When you calculate points, you usually want a real number, not a complex number.

How do you calculate square roots as irrational numbers?

You can approximate a square root as a decimal or fraction. If you want the exact number, you have to leave it with the square root sign.

What is the key word for square root in abap?

sqrt is inbuilt function available in ABAP to calculate square root of any number.

How do you calculate the square root of minus one?

The square root of negative one is an imaginary number, signified by the italic lower-case i.

What is the approximate difference in tenths between the square root of 10 and the square root of 15?

The approx difference is 0.7

How do you calculate square of a number?

you square root it. on the calculater there is a kind of bus shelter sign press that to get the square of something.

Find the square root of a number?

The square root of a number is a number which when multiplied by itself will result in the original number. So the square root of 4 is 2, because 2 times 2 equals 4. For an easy square root like that you can work it out in your head, but for harder questions you should use a calculator. Your calculator will have a button to press to calculate the square root of a number.