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Q: How do you calculate the volume of D shaped tunnel?
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How do you calculate volume of timber?

V = π (D²/4) x L

What is the volume of a 3-D solid with dimensions 4 by 3 by 10?

The volume of the 3-D solid is 120 cubic units, assuming that the 3-D solid is in the form of a cuboid (brick-shaped). The volume of a cuboid is the product of its length, width, and height.

How do you calculate dendity?

The formula for density is d = density m = mass v = volume

To calculate density divide an object's?

To calculate density, divide the object's mass by its volume. The formula for density is Density = Mass / Volume. Density is a measure of how much mass is contained in a given volume.

How do you calculate the density of a solid if it has a mass of g and a volume of cm?

The density is the ratio between the mass and volume: d=M/V.

What are the main tools that you might need in order to calculate density?

The main two tools are mass and volume D=mass/volume

What is the volume of sphere d equals 30yd and show you how to calculate the answer?

the answer is 30 times 4= 120yd

What equation can you use to calculate dencity?

D = M/V Density = Mass divided by Volume

How do you calculate total volume of something?

To calculate the total volume of something, you need to determine the shape of the object (e.g., cube, cylinder, sphere) and then use the appropriate formula to find its volume. For example, the volume of a cube is calculated by multiplying the length, width, and height, while the volume of a cylinder is calculated by multiplying the area of the base (usually a circle) by the height. Make sure to use the correct units of measurement in your calculations.

How do you calculate the volume of a mass when you have the density and mass?

You can calculate the volume of the mass by dividing the mass by the density. The formula to calculate volume is volume = mass / density. This formula allows you to determine the space an object occupies based on its mass and density.

How do you calculate the depth of liquid when you know the percent of the volume of a horizontal cylinder?

H = D sin ( ((2*pi*V.k)/V.t) - pi/2) + D Here: D = Diameter of the cylinder V.k = The known volume of the liquid V.t = The total volume of the cylinder H = The height of the liquid.

What is the density and what is the formula for finding density?

Quantity of mass (eg grams) in a standard volume (eg cubic centimeter). Weigh something, measure or calculate its volume, and then divide the weight by the volume. d = w/v