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It is A*(1+B/100) which equals A + A*B/100

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Q: How do you calculate the wholesale price if the retail price is A and the mark up is B percent?
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What is the retail price when wholesale price is 200 and percent markup is 100?

The retail price will be 400 dollars. This is a high markup percent. You can get so many deals by participating in auctions or going through wholesale places.

How to calculate Mark up opportunity cost?

For Retail Price question....If Retail price is 12,995. Markup % is 12. what was the wholesale price?

How do you calculate wholesale price given a multiplier and suggested retail price?

ask yourself that question.

If the retail price of an item is 21 and the retail gross profit margin is 33 percent what is the wholesale cost?


How do you calculate wholesale price and retail prices?

How do I calculate wholesale price and retail price Wholesale price is the price for an item in a big quantity plus additional costs as handling, shipping, storage, etc. for the whole package. Retail price is the actual price of the product plus similar additional costs of above, you can imagine that is way less expensive to scan a whole pallet at once than scanning 10000 hot sauce bottles one by one, that's why retail price is higher. (you can also add the risk of damage, stolen object, due date, etc to that)

What effect does increasing the retail and wholesale margins have on the manufacturer's selling price?

It may have no effect if the retail price is raised. You can increase the retail and wholesale price margins by increasing the retail price, decreasing the manufacturers selling price or a combination of both.

A toy store's markup rate is 28 percent of the wholesale price What is the retail price of a toy that has a wholesale price of 8?

simply multiply the wholesale price by the percentage markup (in this case 28%) to get the answer, for example: 8 x 0.28= 2.24 then add the answer to the original price 8 + 2.24= 10.24

Wholesale price is 60.00 and retail is marked up to 180 what is the percent increase?

Increase is twice the original price so percentage mark-up is 200.

Does net price refer to manufactures suggested retail price or wholesale price?

Net price is wholesale pricing. This usually indicates that the manufacturer does not have a set retail price for its product, and whatever you retail the product for is up to you. So check with your competitors as to what is the average markup on that product for your industry.

Wholesale price is 80 and percent of markup is 95 percent percent percent what is the sale price?

The sale price is $156.00

What does wholesale mean?

''Selling of goods.''That is what I got from my late night research from Google Chrome. Hope this helped you out there!:) Resellers get a special price on goods since they are not buying for personal use-it is called the "wholesale" price-30-50 percent of retail

What is the difference in buying spa products at wholesale and retail price?

There is a large difference between wholesale and retail prices for any product. Wholesale price are much lower so the retailer is able to markup the price and make a profit off the sale of the item.