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Average acceleration = Change in speed/time


Time = Change in speed/Average acceleration

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How do you calculate acceleration?

To calculate acceleration, divide the change in speed by the time during which the acceleration occurs. :)

How do you calculate a objects acceleration?

Acceleration = (change in speed) divided by (time interval)

How do you find magnitude of acceleration when distance and time is givenm?

(Distance covered) and (time to cover the distance) is enough informationto calculate average speed during the time, but not enough to calculateacceleration.

How do you use a graph to average calculate speed?

It depends on what the graph is: displacement-time, or speed-time or acceleration-time or something else.

How do you divide when using speed?

The answer depends on what you want to do: calculate acceleration, journey time?

The relationship of speed and acceleration?

Acceleration is the time rate of change of speed. Acceleration = speed/time.

How do you calculate speed without distance?

If you know the initial speed (u), acceleration (a) and time (t), then the final speed, v = u + at.

How do you find speed when you have a time and an acceleration?

Speed = Time x acceleration

How do you find speed from acceleration and time?

speed equals to acceleration into time

How do you find time if you are given acceleration and speed?


What measurements do you need in order to calculate acceleration?

Speed and time. As acceleration is the change in speed over time.However, if you do not have a direct reading of speed, you will need to claculate that also, from distance over time.So all the units are:-Distance = MetresTime. = SecondsSpeed = m/sAcceleration = m/s/s or m/s2

What part of the graph represents uniform positive and negative acceleration Calculate this acceleration.?

The answer depends on whether the graph is that of speed v time or distance v time.

How can you find the retardation of a curve in a speed time graph?

Calculate the gradient of the curve which will give the acceleration. Change the sign of the answer to convert acceleration into retardation.

How do you calculate the acceleration to change into speed?

You can't convert acceleration to speed or vice versa, if that's what you mean, since they are really quite different things. Acceleration is defined as the rate of change of velocity (dv/dt); therefore it has units of speed / time, or equivalently, distance / time squared.

How do you find speed with acceleration and time?

Acceleration = velocity/time Velocity = time * acceleration =====================

What is the acceleration for meters per second?

This is imposible to calculate. In order to find acceleration, knowlege of at least 3 of these variables must be given: initial speed, final speed, distance, and time.

How do you find speed when given acceleration and time?

The speed at the end of the time is (speed at the beginning of the time) plus (acceleration x length of time)

How can you calculate the acceleration of an object moving in a straight line by?

It really depends what information you are given. In the simplest case, you use the definition of acceleration as delta(speed) / time. That is, you divide the change (delta) in speed, and divide by how long it takes for this change in speed. This gives you the average acceleration over the given time. If you assume a constant acceleration, it is also the instantaneous acceleration at any moment.

Speed of an object at a specific point in time?

You can calculate the instantaneous speed of an object through calculus using derivatives. You can more easily find the instantaneous speed of an object if there is constant acceleration by multiplying the rate of acceleration by time, then adding the initial velocity when time was equal to zero.

How do you find speed when acceleration and time have given?

Acceleration = Change in Speed divided by Time over which the change takes place. If acceleration is constant then Acc = [Final Speed - Initial speed] / Time If not, Acc = gradient of Speed-Time graph.

What is the acceleration?

Acceleration is the change in velocity with time, for linear (constant) acceleration it is calculated by: (End Speed -Start Speed)/time taken

How do you find the uniform acceleration if the speed and acceleration are given?

Find out the time using speed and acceleration, (time=speed/acceleration) and then use it to find out uniform velocity. From that find out uniform acceleration. (as uniform acceleration is equal changes of velocity over equal intervals of time)

How is speed and acceleration related?

Acceleration is the change in velocity ("speed") over time.

What happens to acceleration when speed decreases on a speed time graph?

Acceleration is negative.

How do you find the deceleration rate?

The same as the acceleration rate. Measure the speed at one moment of time, measure the speed at another moment of time, calculate the difference, divide by the time elapsed.

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