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The calculation for volume is different for each three-dimensional form.

  • For a rectangular solid, measure each dimension in centimeters and multiply That is length x width x height.
  • For a cylinder, use pi = 3.1416 times the radius squared times height.
  • For ovoid or irregular shapes, you can submerge the form in water and measure the change in the water volume.
  • 1 ml of water equals 1 cm3.
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Q: How do you calculate volume in cubic centimeters?
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Would you measure and calculate the volume of a ball in cubic centimeters or cubic meters?

cubic metres

What is the volume in cubic centimeters?

Correct, volume can be measured in cubic centimeters.

How do you calculate cm3?

Cubic centimeter or cm3 is a measurement of volume. To find volume in cm3, you need to have three dimensions, such as length, width and height for a cube given in centimeters. By multiplying these three measurements, you find the volume in cubic centimeters.

Cubic centimeters are to measure the volume of what?

Cubic centimeters can be used to measure the volume of anything.

A statue two meters high has a volume of five cubic meters A similar model of the statue has a height of four centimeters Calculate the volume of the model statue in cubic centimeters?

The volume of similar figures is proportional to the cube of the any linear dimension (such as the height). Therefore, the "similar model" has a volume of (4/2)3 times 5. Since I didn't convert to common units, the answer will already be in cubic centimeters. If you find this method doubtful, you can do the same, but converting everything to centimeters and cubic centimeters. Reminder: a cubic meter has a million cubic centimeters. In this case, the ratio which you have to cube is 4/200.

What does cubic centimeters mean?

Unit volume is cubic centimeters.

What is a definition for cubic centimeters?

Cubic centimeters are a unit of volume .

How do you calculate cubic centimeters to cubic inches?

cubic centimeters x 0.0610237441 = cubic inches.

What is the volume of 42cm squared?

A volume is really three dimensional in cubic centimeters. 42 cm squared is 1754 square centimeters. You need the height to calculate a volume.

What is volume of an inch in cubic centimeters?

Cubic centimeters are a volume measurement but inches are a linear measurement they are different dimensions and there is no answer to your question as stated.One cubic inch is about 16.4 cubic centimeters.

Exact equivalant in volume to 1000 cubic centimeters?

1000 cubic centimeters is a measure of volume; the only "exact equivalant in volume" possible would be in another measure of volume, such as cubic inches, cubic feet, cubic meters, etc.

How to convert cubic meters to cubic centimeters?

Volume in cubic centimetres = (Volume in cubic meters)/106

How can you find the volume of water in a pipe in liters?

calculate the volume in centimeters and then convert 1000 cubic centimeters to a liter. Liters Volume of a Pipe = Length Pipe(cent.) *PI*radius Pipe (cent.) squared/1000

Two liters of water has a volume if how many cubic centimeters?

Two liters of water has a volume of how many cubic centimeters?

What is the volume of the smallest cube containing the sphere if the sphere has a volume of 36 pi cubic centimeters?

216 cubic centimeters

How many cubic centimeters are there in arectangular prism with a volume of 12 cubic meters?

12,000,000 cubic centimeters.

How many centimeters is volume?

Cubic centimeters is a measure of volume.

What is the length of a side of a cube whose volume is 125 cubic centimeters?

The side length is 5 centimeters. The volume of 5 centimeters times 5 centimeters times 5 centimeters = 125 cubic centimeters.

How do you find the volume of an object if it is in cubic centimeters?

The measure, in cubic centimetres IS the volume!

5.5 hp to cc?

There is no way to convert 5.5 horsepower to cubic centimeters. Horsepower is a measure of energy and cubic centimeters is a measure of volume.

Can liquid be expressed in cubic centimeters?

Yes, cubic centimeters (cc) is a measure of volume.

How much is 2 cubic centimeters of fat?

It is two cubic centimeters - that is a measure of volume.

How do you convert volume in cubic centimeters to milliliters?

Cubic centimeters is a a unit of volume. Millimeters is a unit of length. Asking how many cubic centimeters are in a millimeter is something like asking how many quarts are in an inch.

If a cube has a volume of 27 cubic centimeters what is the length of each edge?

The side length of this cube is 3 centimeters. The volume is 3 centimeters times 3 centimeters times 3 centimeters = 27 cubic centimeters.

Is the volume of a solid measuerd in cubic centimeters?

Yes. Cubic centimeters is a unit of capacity or volume. It's a good choice for expressing the volume of a solid, as long as it results in convenient numbers. If the number of cubic centimeters is too large to be convenient, then another larger unit may be used, such as liters (1,000 cubic centimeters) or cubic meters (1,000,000 cubic centimeters).