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Length times width times height (lwh) is a way to figure out volume. If you try to do it with water displacement, the wood will adorn the water and ruin the calculations.

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Q: How do you calculate volume of a wood block?
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Related questions

How is the mass of a wood block related to its volume?

Density of wood = mass/volume

How do you calculate if a block of wood will float in water or not?

If the density of the block is less than the density of water, then the block will float. Density of water is close to 1 gram per cubic centimeter. So measure the block and calculate its volume (Length x Width x Height). Use a scale to find the block's mass. Then divide mass/volume to calculate density. If you've measured in grams and centimeters, then the units will be g/cm³, then compare this to 1 g/cm³.

What is the density of a block of wood that has a volume of ml and a mass of g?

since D=m/v... then the density of the block of wood would be mass / volume..... mass in grams divided by volume in ml.

What is the volume of wood block?

If its a cuboid, volume = length * breadth * height .

How can two blocks of wood have the same volume but one is denser?

A block of light balsa wood and a block of heavy teak of the same size, will also have the same volume (which is the space each block occupies).

How does the volume of a wood block measured in cm compare of the water in ml that the block displaces?

The volume is more dence

How do you calculate the mass of a block?

IF you knew the volume of the block and the density of the material it was made of you could calculate it mass (mass = density * volume) but it is normal to measure the mass of something using a mass balance.

What is the Density of a 750 g block of wood measuring 12cm x 8cm x 9cm?

The equation for the density of an object with known mass m and volume V is D=m/V.You are given the mass to be 750g.To figure out the volume of the block of wood, simply multipy all of the dimensions. The volume of a right prism (e.g. a block of wood) is V=length*width*height, so the volume for the block of wood is 12cm*8cm*9cm=864cm3.Now you know both your mass and your volume, so you can calculate the density:D=m/VD=(750g) / (864cm3)D is roughly equal to 0.86806g/cm3.

If a block of wood has a volume of 40 cubic cm and a mass of 30 grams what is its density?

Density is mass divided by volume. This block of wood is therefore 0.75g per cubic cm.

If the density of a block of wood is 0.5 cm3 what is the volume of the block if its mass is 27 g?

The units for density are incorrect. If the density of a block of wood is 0.5 g/cm3 then the volume of a 27 g block would be 27/0.5 cm3 = 54 cm3

What is the density of wood block?

Density = Mass/Volume

What is the volume of a block of wood?

2cm, 4cm, 6cm

How do you calculate the volume of a block?

Block being a box: Height * Length * Depth = Volume Giving the three dimensions available.

What is the formula for calculating the volume of a block of wood?

Since, this is a cubical block, It can be length * breadth* height..

How do you find the volume of a block of wood?

no clue please help

What would you use to measure volume of block of wood?


What is the density of a block of wood with a volume of 120cm3 and a mass of 95g?

Divide the mass by the volume to get the density.

If a block of wood is 27g what is the density of this block?

u need the volume . if u did have the volume u would divide the mass (27g) by the volume. then add the label g/ml

A block of wood has a height of 10 m a length of 2 m and a width of 2 m What is the volume of the block of wood?

40 cubic meters

How would you calculate he volume of a block?

Multiply the height, width and breadth: height x width x breadth = volume of a block

How are the wood block golfball and water alike?

volume,weight and mass

A block of wood has a mass of 120 g and a volume of 200 cm What is the density of the wood?

Volume cannot be measured in centimetres and so the question makes no sense.

How do you calculate the volume of a dienes block?

The blocks are of volume 1, 10, 100, 1000 cubic units.

What is the density of a block of wood with a mass of 120 grams and a volume of 200cm3?

This block of wood has a density of 0.6 g/cm3

What part of the block of wood remains immersed in water of density 1000kg per cm cube when the block of wood placed in water has density 700 Kg per m cube?

-- The aggregate density of the wood block is 700/1000 = 0.7 the density of water. -- So, as soon as the wood has displaced 0.7 of its volume in water, it has displaced its entire weight in water, and floats. -- The wood floats with 0.7 of its volume below the surface and 0.3 of its volume above it.