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It is not possible to calculate the area given only the volume.

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Q: How do you calculate warehouse area from volume?
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How do you figure out surface area to volume ratio of a cell?

You need to:* Calculate the surface area * Calculate the volume * Divide the surface area by the volume

How do you find what the ratio of surface area to volume for a sphere is?

1) Calculate the area 2) Calculate the volume 3) Divide the area by the volume to get the ratio

How do you calculate surface area to volume?

surface area divided by volume

How do you work out suface area to volume ratio?

1. Calculate the surface area 2. Calculate the volume 3. Divide

Calculate surface area to volume ratio?

The idea is to (1) calculate the surface area, (2) calculate the volume, (3) divide the first by the second.

How do you calculate surface area to volume ratio-?

Surface area to volume ratio can be calculated by taking area and dividing by volume.

How do you calculate volume of 20m2?

You cannot calculate volume of surface area. If you meant 20m3, then the volume would be 20,000 litres.

How do you calculate elongation and area reduction?

Intial volume = final volume from this approach if you know any one of them % reduction in area or % elangation. you can calculate other

How do you calculate surface area to volume ratio?

You measure or calculate the surface area; you measure or calculate the volume and then you divide the first by the second. The surface areas and volumes will, obviously, depend on the shape.

What is the formula to calculate the volume of a circle?

A circle is two dimensional, it has area but not volume.

How do you calculate volume of i-beam?


How do you calculate the volume of hydraulic oil in any hydraulic circuit?

calculate the no of pipes in the circuit & then work out the volume based on the area.

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