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weight of ms hollow bar 20mm*20mm

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Q: How do you calculate weight of 20mm square tube?
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Formula of calculate unit weight of M.S. Square hollow section tube?

(Side1Xside2) x ((side1-2t)x(side2-27))*0.007850 where all dimensions are in mm & the weight is Kgs/Mtr

Weight of 19mm 19mm square tube?

The answer will depend on what the tube is made from and how thick its walls are.

Weight of air?

The weight of a tube of air as high as the Earth's entire atmosphereis 14.6 lb per square inch at the bottom of the tube.

When performing a sedimentation rate the wintrobe or westergren tube is filled to the level marked?


What is the volume of 20mm x 150mm test tube?

37 mL or about 1.25 ounces

How do you calculate unit wt of section tube 48x 96x 4.5thk?

Divide its weight by 20736 cubic units of volume.

Calculate the heating of 2.5 diameter tube 45 feet in lengthanswer in Square feet?

I just want the formula! I just want the formula!

How do you calculate the cross sectional area of a rectangular tube?

To calculate the cross sectional area of a rectangular tube, multiply the widths of two adjacent sides of the tube.

When was Sloane Square tube station created?

Sloane Square tube station was created in 1868.

When was Russell Square tube station created?

Russell Square tube station was created in 1906.

How do you calculate the volume occupied by the tube side of a shell and tube heat exchanger?

Measure the outer diameter of the tube and its' length. Calculate each tube volume and multiply by number of tubes. For those who want to calculate the inside liquid capacity of the shell side, it is advise to include the baffle volume with the tube bundle volume.

How do you calculate the weight of the tube of toothpaste?

Well its usually judged in ounces so you probably need like one of those special scales that only measures in ounces.