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You have a function with two arguments (inputs). After that, the calculations depend on whether or not the two random variables are independent. If they are then the joint distribution is simple the product of the individual distribution. But if not, you have some serious mathematics ahead of you!

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Q: How do you calculation joint probability?
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Example of joint probability?

Joint probability is the probability that two or more specific outcomes will occur in an event. An example of joint probability would be rolling a 2 and a 5 using two different dice.

The mathematical calculation that an event will happen?

Theoretical Probability.

What does the word theoretical probability mean in math?

Theoretical implies the mathematical calculation of the probability. Empirical means the actual outcomes to happen.

What is joint probability?

Let X and Y be two random variables.Case (1) - Discrete CaseIf P(X = x) denotes the probability that the random variable X takes the value x, then the joint probability of X and Y is P(X = x and Y = y).Case (2) - Continuous CaseIf P(a < X < b) is the probability of the random variable X taking a value in the real interval (a, b), then the joint probability of X and Y is P(a < X< b and c < Y < d).Basically joint probability is the probability of two events happening (or not).

What is theoretical probaility?

The probability that a certain outcome will occur which is determined through reasoning or calculation.

Can a joint probability have a value greater than 1?

A joint probability can have a value greater than one. It can only have a value larger than 1 over a region that measures less than 1.

What is the difference between empirical and theoretical probability?

Empirical anything is what is observed. Theoretical is a calculation of what things ought to be.

What type of event is found by multiplying the probability of the first event by the probability of the second event?

That's the probability that both events will happen, possibly even at the same time. I think it's called the 'joint' probability.

What is joint probability function?

The joint probability function for two variables is a probability function whose domain is a subset of two dimensional space. The joint probability function for discrete random variables X and Y is given aspr(x, y) = pr(X = x and Y = y). If X and Y are independent random variables then this will equal pr(X =x)*pr(Y = y).For continuous variables, the joint funtion is defined analogously:f(x, y) = pr(X < x and Y < y).

What is best graphical method for calculating joint and conditional probability?

Tree diagram

What is the joint probability of having a good economy and a neutral stock performance?


Where is the probability button on a casio fx-300ES?

The Casio fx-300ES calculator does not have a specific button for probability calculations. However, you can perform probability calculations by using the appropriate formulas and functions, such as the factorial (!) key for permutations and combinations, or the appropriate statistical functions for probability distributions.