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Take it to the vet! Although vets are quite pricey, if you think it might help, go for it!

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Q: How do you care for a dwarf hamster that was dropped on a hard floor and one of its back legs and one of its front legs seem to be paralyzed?
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When should you take your hamster to the vet if you have just dropped it?

Well I dropped my hamster on the kitchen floor made of hard , cold tiles and after ward he was a little scared but then he seemed fine, but if your hamster starts to act funny or walk funny or something go to the vets to get him checked out.

Can a hamster live in a 10 gallon fish tank?

Only a single dwarf hamster can.A 10 gallon fish tank offers roughly 200 square inches of room. 200 square inches is the MINIMUM suggested floor space for a dwarf hamster. 300 square inches for a syrian (big) hamster.

Your dwarf hamster has a little squeal that sounds like a squeaking noise like on wet floor why was it squealing?

hi because it crying for helpyour welcome

You accidentally dropped your 2 week old dwarf hamster from almost shoulder height onto the floor When you picked it up it didn't move one side i put it straight back to it's mum Will it be OK?

Right now, it could go either way. It might be paralized on one side or it might just shocked. It also depends how tall you are. If you are a todler and you dropped it on carpet then it might be ok, but if you 6 feet tall and you dropped it on a hardwood floor, it will probably die or be paralized the rest of its life.

Your dwarf hamster fell to the floor from a height of 1 m on its back It started to bleed from its nose for 1 minute then stopped Will it be all right?

The best way to make sure the hamster has no long term injuries is to take it to a vet.

I dropped my precious hamster and she froze on the floor but came round - there was some blood - I dont know where from - what should I be concerned about?

Ouch.. Definitely take it to a vet. Try searching for any bruises or marking around your hamster body

How do you train a robo dwarf hamster?

To train your hamster, I belive you should get the small hamster use to its' new sourounding, and you. Then you can let the pet crawl around in a hamster ball on the floor, and later you can start to call his/her name. After a while the pet will know his/her name, and that is how you can teach the hamster to come. You don't have to say the pets name than say come, all you have to do is call the hamsters' name, that's it!

Can you leave hamster cages on the floor?


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"The painter's brush dropped to the floor." (The painter is singular, the brush is singular.)"The painters' brush dropped to the floor." (The painters is plural, the brush is still singular.)"The painters' brushes dropped to the floor." (The painters is plural, the brushes is plural.)

Where do dwarf shark live?

All Dwarf Sharks live on the bottom of the Carribean Sea floor

What is it called when a ruler is dropped to the floor?


If your brother dropped his hamster on the floor and she got crushed by your ankle but she got up should you take her to the vet or will she heal by herself?

While they are sturdy little creatures it's best to take your hamster to the vets to be sure there are no broken bones. Animals don't show pain the same way humans do. Please take the hamster to the vet!

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