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51/3 = 16 and 3/3

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Q: How do you change17 into a mixed number with the denominator of 3?
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How do you turn a fraction to a mixed number?

To turn an improper fraction into a mixed number, divide the denominator into the numerator. The answer is the whole number. Put the remainder over the original denominator. 11/3 = 3 and 2/3

What is the difference between proper and improper fraction and a mixed number?

Numerator: Top number Denominator: bottom number Proper fraction: when numerator is less than denominator Ex: 3/5 improper fraction: when numerator exceeds denominator Ex: 5/3 Mixed number: when an integer is paired with a proper fraction Ex: 5/3 = 1 2/3 1 2/3 is a mixed number

How do you write a matching improper fraction for a mixed number?

You multiply the whole number part of the mixed number by the denominator and then add that number to the numerator. This new sum is going to be the numerator of your improper fraction, and your old denominator will remain as your denominator. For example, 3 3/2 is equal to (3*2+3)/2 which is 9/2.

What is a like mixed number?

A mixed number is a whole number combined with a fraction like 3 7/9. (That was just a random example). A like number is a number that had the same denominator (the bottom or right number of the fraction) as the other fraction like 2/9 and 3/9. So like mixed number is a mixed number that has the same denominator as the other number.

What is 28 and 3 as a mixed number?

The denominator is the fractional part is missing.

How do you change a mixed number into an improper num?

To convert a mixed number to an improper fraction, multiply the denominator by the whole number, add that total to the numerator and put the whole thing over the original denominator. 7 and 1/3 = 22/3

How do you rewrite a mixed number?

If you mean change the mixed fraction to an improper fraction, all you have to do is multiply the denominator by the whole number and add the numerator.For example:2 1/3 ( 3 x 2 + 1 ) = 7/3 (do not change denominator/bottom number)If you want to reduce the mixed number, all you have to do is find a number that the denominator and numerator fit in.For example:1 3/6 (6 can be divided by 3 and 3 can be divided by 3 too)1 3/6 = 1 1/2

What is 3 over 2 as a mixed number?

2 over 3 cannot be a mixed number because the numerator is smaller than the denominator

How do you write 7 over ten as a mixed number?

1 is the mixed number and 3 is the top number (numerator) and 10 is the bottom number (denominator) all together

How do you solve mixed numbers?

You can convert a mixed number to an improper fraction by multiplying the denominator by the whole number, adding the numerator and putting that total over the denominator. 2 and 3/4 = 4 x 2 + 3 = 11/4

How do you turn fractions into mixed numbers?

Multiply the whole number times the fraction's denominator, and add the result to the existing numerator. Examples : 2 3/7 = [ (2x7) + 3] /7 = 17/7 3 and 7/10 = (10 * 3 + 7)/10 = 37/10 (Multiply fraction's denominator times whole number, add that product to fraction's numerator, and place over original fraction's denominator. )

What is a fraction in which the numerator is larger than the denominator?

Its an improper fraction...which looks like this: 3/2 or 8/3 or 5/2 and many many more :) The way you turn an improper fraction into a mixed fraction (mixed number) is by seeing how many times the denominator goes into the nuerator the number you get is your whole then the remainder is your numerator and the denominator from the improper fraction will be the same denominator in your mixed fraction(mixed number is the same thing as mixed fraction) EXAMPLE: 3/2 2 goes into 2 once so thats my whole: 1 then 1 is left over because 2x1=2 so thats my new numerator then the denominator stays the same so your mixed fraction(mixed number) is 1 1/2