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Q: How do you change 0.4 into a vulgar fraction?
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How do you change a percentage into a vulgar fraction and a decimal fraction?

im not sure about decimal fraction but say you have 120% as a vulgar fraction it is 120/100 or 6/5 yes, yes indeen i think i am right. Thank you very much for reading. x;) x

How do you change 0.6 into a vulgar fraction?

You can't. 0.6 will always be proper.

What is vulgar fraction?

A vulgar fraction is one in which the absolute value of the numerator is greater than the absolute value of the denominator.

What is the fraction of more than 1?

A vulgar fraction.

What is 73 fraction as a vulgar fraction?

73 is a whole number, not a fraction.

What is 41 pence as a vulgar fraction of a pound?

Since 41 is fewer than 100, there can be no vulgar fraction.

What is 41p as a vulgar fraction of 1.00?

41 p as a vulgar fraction of 1.00 implies that the 1.00 is in pence and so the answer is 41/1.

What is the difference between mixed fraction and vulgar fraction?

A mixed fraction is one which has an integer part and a proper fractional part. A vulgar (or top heavy) fraction is one where the numerator is bigger than the denominator. For example, one and a quarter, as a mixed fraction, is 11/4 whereas as a vulgar fraction, it is 5/4

What is six tenths as a vulgar fraction?

what is 6 tenths as a common fraction

What is another word for improper fraction?

It is a vulgar or 'top heavy' fraction

What is 41 pence as a vulgar fraction of one pound answer in pound sign?

The fraction is £41/100. Since 41 is smaller than 100, there is no vulgar fraction possible.

What is the vulgar fraction of 9 out of 30?