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You don't! The former is a unit of volume, the latter is a unit of length.

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Q: How do you change 1000 centimeters cubed to centimeters?
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How many mm cubed are in 1 cm cubed?

1 centimeters cubed = 1000 millimeters cubed

Do you convert cubic centimeters into cubic meters by dividing by 3 or 3 cubed?

I meter is 100 centimeters to go from centimeters cubed to meters cubes you divide by 100 cubed; so for example 1000 cubic centimeters is 1000 divided by 100 cubed or 0.001 cubic meters

How many centimeters cubed is 1000 millimeters cubed?

There are 10 mm in one cm. so one cm3 = 1000 mm3

What is 1.5 liters in cubic centimeters?

There are 1000 centimeters cubed in one liter. Because of this, an easy way to convert any amount of centimeters cubed to liters is simply to divide that number by 1000 (or moving the decimal place over three places to the left). 17.3 divided by 1000 is 0.0173, thus 17.3 centimeters cubed equals 0.0173 liters.

How many centimeters cubed are there in one liter?

1000 ccs = 1 liter

What does 1 liter equal in centimeters cubed?

1 litre = 1000 cm3

How many cubic centimeters are 3 meters wide 3 meters deep and 3 meters long?

27 meters cubed. Multiply by 1000: 2,700 centimeters cubed.

How many liters are in centimeters cubed?

1 (cubic centimeter) = 0.001 liters 1 liter = 1000 cubic centimeters

Does centimeters cubed equal one liter?

One cubed decimeter equals one liter. One cubed centimeter equals 1/1000 liter or one Milliliter (mL).

1000 liters equals how many cubic centimeters?

1 liter is equal to 1000 cubic centimeters. So, 1000 liters would be equal to 1,000,000 cubic centimeters.

What is the mass of an object its density is 5 grams centimeters cubed and the volume is 10 centimeters cubed grams to centimeters cubed converter grams to centimeters cubed conversion?

mass = density x volume Mass = 5 grams per centimeter cubed x 10 centimeters cubed = 50 grams

How do you change centimeters to cubed centimeters?

To change centimeters to cubic centimeters, you need to raise the length measurement to the power of 3 (length x length x length). This is because cubic centimeters represent a volume measurement, where each dimension is multiplied by the other two dimensions.