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Q: How do you change 35.5 percents to decimals?
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What is 0.41 as a percent?

41% = 0.41 To change decimals to percents, move the decimal two places to the right and add the percent sign. (To change percents to decimals, move the decimal two places to the left.)

Why do you use percents?

Percents are basically decimals, and we use decimals as numbers with extra, tiny proportions. Percents are just ways to make those decimals into a whole, more friendlier number. But, percents can also be made with decimals as well.

How do you compare decimals and percents?

how you compare decimals and percents, is by the signs. a decimal looks like this: 0.0 and a percent looks like this: %

What is the percentage of 82.13?

82.13% you can have decimals in percents

How architects need the knowledge of decimals fractions and percents?

They need to know about decimals, fractions, and percents because they need to know the exact measures of the things they are designing.

How do you compare fractions or decimals or percents?

you eat pie

How do you relate decimals and percents?

multiply the decimal by 100

Can percents have decimals in them?

Absolutely! for example there can be a 0.5%, or a 0.1%

How you can explain how to change percents into decimals and fractions?

Percents are hundredths. To change a percent to a fraction, put it over 100. To change a percent to a decimal, divide it by 100, which means move the decimal point two places to the left. 3i% = 31/100 = 0.31

How are decimals fractions and percents alike?

decimals fractions and percents are all alike because they show parts of 100, per 100(percent, cent representing for 100, century)

How are percents are like decimals and fractions?

Percents ca n be co nverted to decimals a nd fractio ns. Example: 50% = 0.5 = 50/100 or 1/2

How can you convert decimals into percents?

Percentage expressed as a decimal. 24% = 0.24 TO change a decimal to a percentage .24 X 100 = 24%