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It is: 6.2 = 31/5 or as 6 and 1/5

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Q: How do you change 6.2 into a fraction or mixed number?
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What is 62.8 as a fraction?

The fraction is 62 4/5.The fraction is a mixed number 62 being how many wholes there are and 4/5 being the rest so 62 4/5 is the fraction.

How do you write 2.48 as a fraction or mixed number in lowest terms?

2.48 = 62/25

What fraction is equivalent to 62.5?

62 1/2 as a mixed number 125/2 as an improper fraction If you meant 62.5% then the fraction is 5/8

What is an equivelent decimal for 6.2?

The only equivalent decimals are created by expressing the number with hundredths, thousandths and so on.6.2 = 6.20 = 6.200It can be expressed as a mixed number and a fraction.6.2 = 62/10 as a mixed number. This can be simplified to 61/5.6.2 = 62/10 as an improper fraction. This can be simplified to 31/5.

How do you change 6.2 into a fraction?

The first figure to the right of the decimal point represents the number of tenths. If there were a second figure this would show the number of hundredths. As a mixed number 6.2 is 6 2/10 (Six and two tenths) As an improper fraction this is 62/10, or the equivalent fraction 31/5.

What is 1.62 as a mixed fraction?

It is 1 62/100. The fraction can be simplified, if required.

What is .62 as a fraction?

Decimal to Fraction Number calculator - online basic math function tool to convert decimal point number 0.62 to fraction equivalent. Simplest fraction: 0.62 ...

What is 62 over 7 as a mixed number?

62 over 7 as a mixed number is 86/7

How do you change 62 percent into a fraction?

62% = 62/100 = 31/50

What is 20 divided by 3 as a mixed fraction?


What is the fraction number of 62.354?

The fraction number for 62.354 is 62 11/284.

62 over 40 as a mixed number?

62/40 = 111/20