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it depends for example if its .0001 since it is in the tenthousandth place, you would write the fraction as 1/10000. then simplifiy it. if that doesnt help i tried sorry.

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Q: How do you change a large decimal with more than 10 numbers to a fraction?
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What is the biggest and smallest fraction you can write with 3 4 and 5?

Smallest Fraction: 3/(4*5)Largest Fraction: (4*5)/3Smallest Mixed Fraction: 3 4/5Largest Mixed Fraction: 5 4/3 = 6 1/3Smallest Fraction (Digits): 3/54Largest Fraction (Digits): 5/34Small numbers divided by large numbers yield small numbers; large numbers divided by small numbers yield large numbers.

What is the decimal fraction if i have 4 circles and one square?

The question cannot be answered because a number of key items of information are missing:A decimal fraction representing which quantity?How large are the circles?How large is the square?

What is the same between decimal and fraction?

Decimals are numbers that can be expressed like this. 10.56 or 16.4 or 46.324672462 These numbers show that the numbers are between whole numbers. Fractions do the same thing. Fractions tell you the number between the two whole numbers, just more accurately. For example.. 3/4 is a number between 0 and 1. The fraction 23/7 is a number between 3 and 4 and if you do this on a calculator and turn it into decimal form you will get a large amount of decimals. this proves that the fraction form is more accurate.

What is a compact way of expressing large numbers and very small decimal numbers?

Scientific expression.

What is a more compact method of expressing large numbers and vary small decimal numbers?

It is scientific notation.

How many decimal comes in billions?

The question makes no sense. Decimal refers to a way of representing numbers. There is only one decimal system for expressing numbers - from the very tiny to the very large.

Is 0.038 a fraction or a mixed number?

It is a decimal fraction. The equivalent rational fraction is 38/1000 = 19/500.A mixed number, in decimal form, has at least one non-zero number before (to the left of) the decimal point. In rational form, the absolute value of the numerator must be at least as large as the denominator.

What is the last step for multiplying decimal numbers?

To multiply decimal numbers, the decimal point is ignored and the multiplication is done as though they were (large) integers. The last step is to put the decimal point into the answer by ensuring the same number of digits follow it as were following the decimal points in the numbers multiplied together; trailing zeros can be removed at this point.

Is 11 a whole number?

Yes - provided any number large or small has no fraction or decimal attached to it, it is a whole number.

Which is the smallest percentage decimal or fraction?

There is no such number. It is always possible to insert a zero immediately after the decimal point to make a number that is one tenth as large (or ten times smaller).

If calculators should be permit in exams?

no, not unless the numbers are very large/complex or they have a lot of decimal places.

How do you change a proper fraction into a inproper?

Multiply it by a number that is large enough so that the numerator of the fraction becomes larger than its denominator.

How do you write 2.603 in fraction?

as a rather large improper fraction. ( unless that can be simplified. put .603 over 1 .603/1 move decimal places right to whole numbers 603/1000 ---------------simplest form now, you have 2 and 603/1000 to get improper fraction (1000*2+603)/1000 2603/1000 -------------------one ugly simplest form improper fraction!

Whats a decimal fraction that lies in between 2 numbers?

0.7 is a decimal fraction that lies in between 1 and 2.A decimal is a whole number and its fraction separated using a "." sign. To the left of the sign, whole numbers are written and to the right, fractions of whole are written in places: tenths, hundredths, thousandths, etc.Essentially fractions can be divided to give decimal answers. For instance, 1/2 can be read as 1 "divided by" 2 which is equal to 0.5 so written as it is half of 1 whole or 5/10 (notice that there is one number (5) after the decimal, ".", making it in the tenths place). If the decimal where 0.125 (1/8), then the 125 is too large to be in the written over 10 (tenth) and too large to be written over 100 (hundredth), and thus its fraction equivalent should be written written as 125/1000 = 1/8. This is also a clue as to what place it is in (thousandths).Examples of numbers written in decimals include but are not limited to 5.375, 2.85, 25.3, 1524.785612.Hopefully that helps.

Why is there decimal places in math?

Decimal places are used in mathematics for the same reasons that commas are used. Decimal places are used to break up large numbers in order to make them easier to read.

Why hexadecimalnumber system is used in computer system?

hexa decimal system is used in computer system because computer is especially formed for the calculation. Hexa decimal is a collection of number 0-9 and A-F where a large numbers are include so from this we can easily calculate the large numbers.

What is the largest set of numbers that includes all the numbers you have ever used?

For me, the biggest set of numbers is the set of REAL numbers. That includes every single number - positive, negative, whole, fraction, decimal, rational, irrational, numbers like pi and 'e' - except for IMAGINARY numbers. The set of REAL numbers is infinitely large and you can't get any bigger than that.

How do you change large engineering numbers to decimals?

A decimal number is simply a way of representing a number in such a way that the place value of each digit is ten times that of the digit to its right. If it does not contain a fractional part then the decimal representation does not require a decimal point.Converting a large engineering integer to decimal will reduce the number of digits required if it was previously in binary or any base fewer than 10, and increase it if from a base greater than 10 (eg hexadecimal).

How do write a decimal as a fraction?

Convert :) For example: .5 is 1/2 .333 is 1/3 .166 is 1/6 Or another way is when you're dividing a large number and you end up with a large remainder, you will have a mixed fraction. In this case, put the remainder as the numerator, and the number you're dividing by as the denominator. I left something out. If you have a decimal like .275, the numerator will be 275 and the denominator will be the decimal place that the number takes up (in this case, the thousandths). So your fraction will be 275/1000, reduce it and it becomes 11/40.

How do you divide small numbers by large ones for example 7divided by 11?


Using three cutouts of circles of different sizes find out the ratio of their circumference to the diameter represent the fraction in lowest term and in decimals?

The ratio is "pi" which is approximately 3.1416 or 22/7. Pi is a transcendental, continuous decimal that can be calculated to large numbers of significant digits.

Is it possible to completely write out an irrational number in decimal form?

no. irrational numbers are always infininately long, otherwise the could be represented as a fraction by multiplying by 10^n and dividing by 10^n where n is a number large enough to make the number a number with no decimals.

What are names of large numbers?

Obviously "large numbers"

Do tornadoes change populations or species?

On the local scale tornadoes can kill large numbers of animals.

What is significance of learning how to rewrite decimal notation to scientific notation in your daily life?

It is essential to write very small and very large numbers