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You could multiply the fraction by -1.

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Q: How do you change a negative fraction to a positive Fraction?
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When you reduce a negative fraction is the answer negative or positive?

still negative for example -6/12 reduces to -1/2 the sign does not change

Why should there never be a negative sign in both the numerator and denominator of a fraction?

A fraction is really the numerator divided by the denominator. When you divide two negatives together you get a positive, so, you automatically change it to positive.

How do you find eh absolute value of a fraction?

If the fraction is already positive, then it is also the absolute value. If the fraction is negative, just change the sign and it becomes the absolute value. Absolute value means the magnitude (value) of the fraction without any sign attribute.

How do you find the answer to a fraction with the power of a negative number?

Take the reciprocal of the fraction (flip it over). Then change the power to its positive equivalent.So, for example, (2/5)^-3 = (5/2)^3 = 125/8.

Does the inequality sign change when both sides are multipled or divided when using fractions Why or why not?

Not if the fraction is positive. But yes if the fraction is negative. Study the rules of multiplication and division by integers, and you wil see why. Multiplication by a fraction is simplty multiplication by one integer followed by division by another (or the other way round).

How do you change fraction to ratio?

A fraction is a ratio

How do you change 0.28 as a fraction?

what is 0.28 as a fraction

How can you change a fraction to a decimal?

you can change a fraction to a decimal by dividing the bottom number into the top number.

How you change a negative decimal into a fraction?

The same way you do a positive one except you put a dash in front of it! Here are some good links to use if you need help again with this: = decimal to fraction calculator = decimal to fraction calculator (w/ breakdown)

How do you subtract a whole number from a fraction?

You need a common denominator; change the whole number into fraction form. If its a 1, and the fraction is 3/7 then you'd have to change the 1 to a 7/7 and then subtract that way. Although, you are likely to get a negative number.

How do change a fraction into a fraction?

a fraction is already a fraction i don't mean to be mean but you must be super stupid.

How do you change 0.56 into a fraction in simplest form?

To change 0.56 into a fraction, write it as a fraction and then simplify the fraction: 0.56 = 56/100 = 14/25

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