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3/4,2/9 express in similar fractions is 12/36,4/36

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Q: How do you change fraction in similar fractions?
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What does benchmark fractions mean?

They are fractions which a user is familiar with or comfortable with, and which can be used to compare a given fraction.

What are the kinds of fractions?

Proper: Numerator less than denominator. Ex.: 5/8Improper: Numerator equal to or greater than denominator. Ex.: 9/4Mixed: a simplified improper fraction, with a whole number and a proper fraction. Ex.: 6 and 2/3---- There are 5 kinds of fraction. Proper fraction, improper fraction, mixed number, unit fraction, and equivalent fractions. An example of a proper fraction is 3/4. An example of an improper fractions is 13/12. An example of a mixed number is 1 and 1/4. An example of a unit fraction is 1/3. An example of equivalent fractions is 4/8 = 1/2.There are improper fractions which have a numerator with a higher value than the denominator (10/5, 15/7, etc).There are also proper fractions in which the denominator is a higher number than the numerator (4/7, 6/10,etc).There are mixed fractions which are improper fractions written with a number written to the left of the fraction (4 1/3), 10 1/2, etc).

How can you simplfy the sum of a fraction?

First you add the fractions, then you see if you can simplify the result. You simplify it just as you would simplify any other fraction.

How do you divide fractions with a negative fraction?

Well, its kinda impossible to DIVIDE fractions. (Definitions of words you might not understand are at the bottom.)Basically, if you're asked to divide 4/5 with -2/3 you would first write the recipricol of the second fraction. Then, you would change the division sign with a multiplication sign. That would be the new formula for dividing a fraction. This is how you would work it out. Before changing the fraction: 4/5 / -2/3 After changing the fraction: 4/5 x 3/-2 After you change the problem, you multiply across. So you would multiply 4 of 3 which equals 12 then 5 of -2 which equals -10. Your answer is an improper fraction: 12/-10

When you divide fractions do they have to be in fraction form?

No, when you divide fractions they do not have to be in fraction form. I'll show you two examples:Let's take 2/4 divided by 6/2:First, you must change the second fraction to its reciprocal, and change the division sign to a multiplication sign:2/4 times 2/6.Now you just multiply the tops and the bottoms of the fractions:2 times 2 is 4...and 4 times 6 is 24. So 4/24And last do any reducing that is necessary:1/6Take 2/5 divided by 2/15:Using the method above you will get 2/5 times 15/2.2 times 15 is 30 and 5 times 2 is 10. So you will get 30/10Reducing it you will get 3/1 = 3 which is not in fraction form.

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How can you change fractions to similar fraction?

Multiply the numerator and the denominator by the same integer.

How do you change the dessimilar fractions to similar fractions?

to change dessimilar fractions to similar fractions you divide

What is difference between similar fraction and dissimilar fraction?

Their denominators. If they are the same, the fractions are similar. If they are not the same, the fractions are dissimilar.

What is a similar fraction?

Similiar fractions are fractions that have the same denominator.

How do you check if the answer in similar fraction is correct?

If the fractions are similar, they will simplify to the same fraction.

How do you compare fractions in terms of similar and dissimilar fractions?

You can compare similar fractions by looking at their numerators. You can compare dissimilar fractions by converting them to similar fractions and looking at their numerators. You can convert a dissimilar fraction to a similar fraction by finding the least common denominator.

How can you say that fraction are similar?

Equivalent fractions have similar values

What is similar fraction and disimilar fractions?

Similar fractions have the same denominator, dissimilar ones don't.

What is the meaning of addition and subtraction of similar fraction?

Similar fractions are fractions with the same denominator. In order to add or subtract fractions they need to be similar.

What are example of dissimillar fraction to similar fraction?

3/6 and 5/6 are similar fractions. 3/6 and 4/7 are dissimilar fractions.

What similar fraction?

Any fractions that have the same denominator.

How do you change 0.09 into a fraction?

How to change a decimal fraction to proper fractions,0.09

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