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Divide the numerator by the denominator to get a decimal. Multiply the decimal by 100 and that is the percent.

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Q: How do you change fraction to percentages?
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How do you change fractions into percentages?

change the fraction into a decimal then multiply by 100

What is the link between percentages and fractions?

divide to change the fraction into a decimal and multiply by 100 to change the decimal to a percent.

How do you convert percentages to fractions in simplest form Eg... 7 over 8 percent equals?

change it to a decimal. then change it to a fraction. and then reduce it

Percentages to fractions?

To change percentage to fraction: 1. Remove the percentage sigh (%) 2. Divide the given percentage to 100. 3. Fraction should be in lowest term Example Change 25% to fraction. 25/100= 1/4

What is 0.7 as a fraction and percentages?

0.7 as a fraction is 7/10. It is 70% as a percentage.

How do you explain how to change percentages to fractions?

To change percentages into fractions, you simply divide by 100.

How do you change11over20 from fraction to percentages?

11 ÷ 20 = 0.550.55 * 10055%

What is three percentages in faction?

3% as a fraction is 3/100

Why should there be percentages when a number can be expressed as a fraction or a decimal?

Decimals and percentages are easier to compare than fractions - particularly if they are unlike fractions. That does not explain why percentages are required when we have decimal number and there is no good answer to that!

How do you order unlike fraction?

The simplest way is to convert them to like fractions, or percentages.

How do you write percentages as a fraction or mixed number?

Divide the percentage value by 100.

How do you mulitiply percentages?

Change it to a decimal and then multiply it.

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